Mind : Body : Results

Ever wished there was a better way to get the results you want, be they physical or mental? You are far from alone. Which is why I have teamed up with two other Scottish experts to do something a little different.

What are we doing? That’s what we’re discussing in this episode – join us to find out more!

The one with Robert Middleton

Every day more and more people are “going it alone” and setting up their own business – following the dream! But every day businesses fail and collapse. Usually due to lack of money, which is a direct result of having a lack of clients.

Join me and my guest Robert Middleton as we explore how they can avoid that.

Living A Stress-free Life

Have you ever wished that you could live a contented and stress free life? Then you are in the right place, because that is what my guest this episode helps people to do.

Join me for this episode as I chat with The Survival Coach David “The Heff” Heffernan about how we can all do it.

Helping the Homeless

Too many people these days are homeless, and too little is done to understand or help them. Judging them and condemning them is all to easy, but what’s the reality of their situation?

Join my guest David Heffernan as he discusses their plight, and what we can all do to help these people.

Confidence and Exercise

Many people suffer from a lack of confidence. Even as far back as at school. Which often leads to being bullied.

While at school, my guest found a very powerful way to both combat the bullying and to gain his own confidence – which also set him up for his future career as well!

The one with Mike Graham

Do you want to learn how to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be? Do you want to learn how to be MORE? Do you know what the greatest self-gift we can receive actually is?

Join me and my special guest Mike Graham who is the founder of “Legacy – Journey to Ironman” and has a very interesting journey to share with us!

Confidence and The Modern Man

Just where exactly does Modern Man fit in the Modern World?

That’s what my guest this week, Fidel Beauhill – founder of Modern Man – discusses as together we explore what Modern Man is, how we fit in, the 3 critical core components of confidence, and a whole lot more.

The one with Deborah Meredith

Let’s talk all about business lessons which one can get from the Rapid Growth and Insolvency of one’s business, whilst one is also dealing with psychological abuse…

That’s the topic today, with my guest Deborah Meredith who has been through exactly that, and now helps others in abusive relationships.

Pantomime Confidence

Pantomime is great for audiences, but what about for those involved, both on stage and back stage? What lessons for life and business can be gleaned from writing and producing one?

Join me as I discuss exactly this with David & Lara Beach, local business people who took on the task of writing and directing a pantomime.

The one with Stephen Jones

Do you know the secret of selling? Don’t sell! Sounds counter-intuitive, but it really is the secret.

In this episode I am joined by The Business Disruptor himself, Stephen Jones, who shares how to build a complete sales process enabling you to monitor, track, and adjust your sales, plus a whole lot more (like how to sell in 2 calls!)

Performance Learnings

Many people harbour secret, or even not-so-secret, ambitions about becoming a performer, until life gets in the way.

BUT what happens when you let life know that you WILL be pursuing your ambitions in some form? Join me as I chat about this with Deborah Meredith who has made that journey.

The one with David & Lara Beach

What if you could trade in what you are doing, for your dream lifestyle, creating a business which not only supports that lifestyle but actively forms a core part of it? How on earth would you even begin such a thing?

My guests this week have done exactly that, and share with us how!

Myth Busting

As with every industry, the personal development field has a lot of myths.

Keith takes a look at a few of these, analyses why they are wrong, and discusses the danger they would pose to us if we accepted them as the truth. He also shares what we can actually usefully take from each of them.

The one with Jo Howarth

Let’s talk Happiness! More specifically, let’s talk all about how to be happy, why it’s important to be happy and what you can do to choose happiness in your life. We could all do with a little more happiness in life, couldn’t we? At some level?

This episode I am joined by the Queen of Happiness herself, Jo Howarth

Confidence Modelling

We’ve had a look recently at some basic tips for boosting confidence, now it’s time to step things up a level and get serious about the whole Confidence thing!

One of the most powerful techniques we have, which comes directly from the world of NLP, is “modelling”.

The one with Riana Avis

Let’s talk about Taming Tough Conversations, or How to build strong relationships, conversation by conversation. Why? Put simply, it is a life skill we need it in all aspects of life.

I am joined by the expert of Taming Tough Conversations, who shares with us the 3 keys to the whole thing.

Confidence Tips part 2

Ever wished you could tap into more confidence quickly and effortlessly? Then you are in luck!

As The Confidence Alchemist Keith is regularly asked for quick tips, so in the second of a 2-part special, Keith delves into his bag-of-tricks and shares some of his most powerful and instatly-accessible confidence tips.

The one with Sandra Pilarczyk

The reality is that FEAR IS HOLDING YOU BACK. That could be fear of being judged, or fear of ridicule, or fear of failure. Or even, paradoxically, fear of success.

Join Keith and business mentor Sandra Pilarczyk to find out exactly how you can learn to embrace the fear of being seen!