Mindset Mastery

Mindset Mastery

What Is Mindset Mastery?

2009 I try to go to a Christmas Party, and end up having a massive panic attack as yet again my fear of speaking with strangers overpowers me.

2013 I’m at an after-party having spoken on stage at Coopers’ Union in New York, thoroughly enjoying mingling with complete strangers.

What happened?
Mindset Mastery!

It’s my bespoke custom blend of Hypnosis, NLP, and Coaching, which I’ve developed and refined over the past 13 years, and which I’ve used to help thousands of people around the world to take back control of their lives.

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How Can Mindset Mastery Help You?

Think of Mindset Mastery (and me) as your Sat Nav on your journey through life.

You choose the destination, we navigate your route, and together we get you to where you want to be, faster and more easily than you probably imagined.

So what does that look like?

It varies from person to person, but some common examples would include –

  • Conquering fears or phobias, no matter how strong they are or how long you’ve had them;
  • Overcoming unhelpful habits, such as smoking or overeating or nail-biting or binging or procrastinating;
  • Removing self-doubts or imposter syndrome, and replacing them with a strong and valid sense of self-belief, self-confidence, and inner strength;
  • Getting yor life back on track, discovering what you trusly want, and setting yourself up for the best chances of success;
  • Developing a deeper understanding of who you are and what makes you tick;
  • Finding the little tweaks you can make which just make life that little bit smoother and more fun;

Mindset Mastery can work with you in many different ways, meeting you where you are.

That might be 121 ongoing coaching, one-off coaching to address a single issue, ongoing group coaching and development, online or in-person training, courses, occasional snippets, or even in-depth training to learn the underlying tools themselves.

In short, whatever’s right for you, however’s right for you, Mindset Mastery can meet you there.

Check out some of the ways it can help below…

Personal Development

Mindset Mastery Moment

Short video clips and lives bringing you bite-sized moments of Mindset Mastery. Useable, actionable steps which everyone can follow.

Cost : Free

Monthly, hour-long, Zoom-based, exploration of different aspects of Mindset – live group discussions and actionable tips to take away.

Cost : £

An ever-expanding library of content to help you explore and develop mastery of your own mindset, your way, at your pace.

Cost : ££

Live in-person and online events to take a deep-dive into mindset, with plenty of exercises to help you make change lasting right there.

Cost : £££


You bring your problem, we focus on it, and it’s gone. Fears, phobias, habits, mindset blocks, doubts – whatever it is you want gone for good.

Cost : £

An intensive full-day of 1-2-1 coaching dedicated exclusively to you, helping you to make a massive breakthrough in your life.

Cost : ££

Reserved exclusively for those who are serious about creating long-term, massive change. We work together, 1-2-1, through ongoing coaching.

Cost : £££


A blend of 1-2-1 private sessions, group work, education, and lively discussions, this is your one-stop-shop for everything mindset.

Cost : ££

Learn the tools which form the basis of all things Mindset Mastery – coaching, hypnosis, and NLP – directly from the Mindset Master

Cost : £££

What They Say

Success stories from those who have grown, developed, and improved their lives through applying Mindset Mastery – you could be next!