Mindset Mastery Hour

Mindset Mastery Hour

An Hour of Mindset Exploration, Monthly

Joins us on Zoom for an hour once a month where we take a dive into a Mindset topic.

The topic is different each month, the approach is the same – a mixture of content shared, group discussion, exercises, and actionable tips and steps you can take away to help you to improve, develop, or refine an aspect of your Mindset.

What Do I Need To Bring?

Just yourself, a pen & paper, and a burning desire to learn as much as you can, along with an open-minded curiosity about the topic each month.

Will A Recording Be Available?

No recording of the Hour will be made available, the only way to access the content is to take part.

Note that the Hours are recorded, but that’s just for my own use (so I can see what worked and what I can improve for future Hours) and won’t be made available elsewhere.

How Much Does It Cost?

These are kindly sponsored by 4N who generously provide the platform we use. Tickets thus depend upon whether you are an existing 4N member. 

4N member price is £12 + VAT
Non-member price is £18 + VAT
Mindset Mastery Movement members get free access as part of their membership.

How Do I Book?

You’ll see the next few Hours listed below, have a look, see which ones take your fancy, and click on them to be taken to all the details inbcluding the booking link. See you there!

Upcoming Meetings

About Keith

Using his bespoke custom blend of hypnosis, NLP, and coaching, Keith has helped thousands of people around the world to master their mindsets over the past 13 years.

He is certified at train-the-trainer level in these tools (and has also trained and certified hundreds of people over the years), and continues to refine and hone these skills as he continues to work with people 1-2-1 globally.

He is pretty excited to bring this skill and experience into this new venture, where he aims to be able to help more people in a group environment.

Keith standing on stage at Coopers Union teaching hypnosis to a large audience.

Keith teaching hypnosis at Coopers Union in New York, USA.

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