Body Gratitude

Body Gratitude

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5 Minute Meditation
5 Minute Meditation
Body Gratitude
Most of us take our body for granted, only paying it attention when something goes wrong. Let's give our body some well-deserved gratitude!

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About This Meditation

Body Gratitude

So many of us go through life without giving a thought to our bodies.

Usually the only time we even think about them is if something goes wrong, and we get annoyed at that niggling pain or whatever symptom is manifested, only to then ignore our body again once things improve.

In this meditation we put that right!

We systematically check in with each part of our body, acknowledging it and thanking it for all that it does for us.

Even if a particular part is perhaps not in its best shape right now, let’s acknowledge it is working tirelessly for us throughout our entire life, and give it our thanks.

Just for 5 minutes…

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Mindfulness and Business

These days there is an increasing awareness of the benefits of meditation and other mindfulness practises for all, including for those in business. No longer is meditation seen “for the hippies”, many seasoned business professionals recognise its benefits and actively practise mindfulness.

To help like-minded people connect, every second Tuesday at noon – 1:30pm I run a fortnightly online networking meeting called Mindful Networking. The meetings are fun, friendly, and open to everyone – see you there!

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