The One With David Baum

The One With David Baum

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The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The One With David Baum
In this episode we are joined by the Man In A Tutu and founder of Move for Wellness, David Baum, who explains all...

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About This Episode

On this episode of The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show, we explore the world of exercise and wellness with my guest speaker.

We learn tips on the right kind of exercise routine that’s both easy and beneficial, and the importance of reaching our physical goals through the help of professional personal trainers.

We also discuss how activities like running and personal physical activity can prove to be more effective than just blindly following a 10,000-step rule.

Not only that, we talk about the power of tutus, the benefits of laughter, and details about the “Move for Wellness” program, which spans five days a week and involves exercises for people of all fitness levels.

Finally, we hear about an upcoming multipurpose app and how it will cater to everyone, including those with disabilities, to help motivate people to get moving.


Patreon-Exclusive Bonus

As we discovered in the episode, David recently ran in the London Marathon.

In a special mini episode recorded exclusively for my Patreon supporters, David takes us on the whole journey from applying through the training regime he adopted, and on to the Marathon itself – a fascinating insight!

If you are not already a supporter, you can join now at  and get immediate access to David’s experience (as well as loads of other bonus videos from past guests, and more).

About My Guest

David is a 65 year old tutu wearing man from Bushey in Herts.

David is married to Mel, is the father of 2 sons, is a grandfather, and is known as The Man In The Tutu across the world.

Seen as the Joe Wicks for the older generation, David is rightly proud of “The Move For Wellness” which is changing and improving peoples lives.

You can connect with David at –

TikTok – @Moveforwellness21
TikTok – @davidbaumofficial

YouTube –

Instagram – @Moveforwellness
Instagram – @davidbaumofficial

Facebook –
Facebook –

LinkedIn –

Telephone / SMS : +44 (0)7861 386466

David Baum, with a red and blue dyed beard, a blue bandana, and wearing a blue running vest, with a London Marathon medal, standing leading against a black and gold lamppost.

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