It is estimated that typically around 3% – 4% of the entire population of the World have a phobia at any one time – so if you have a phobia at the moment, then you are in a group of around 225 – 300 million people who also have one!

This can only mean one thing – clearly you are not alone!

It gets better –

Yes, phobias can be completely conquered, permanently.
And with Freedom From Phobia, you can do this quickly, effortlessly, and painlessly – with no scary “aversion therapy”!



Spiders, Dogs, Snakes, etc.


Clowns, Dolls, Mirrors, etc


Dentist, Doctor, Injections, etc


Flying, Heights, Social situations, etc


Storms, Water, Countryside, etc


Personal 1-2-1 session

The process takes a single session, which typically lasts about an hour. This is usually done via Zoom, or if mutually convenient it can be done in the comfort of your own home. The entire process is completely painless and a lot of fun. And your phobia? Gone for good.

We identify the specific things which cause you fear or anxiety.

Different people have different triggers which cause their phobia. For some, it’s a physical situation; for others it’s an animal or an object; for yet others it can be environmental or medical. Whatever it is for you, we gently identify it so that we can conquer your phobia together.

We discover what specifically about these things triggers your phobia.

This tells us how you “do” the phobia and what tells you it’s time to “do” it. Armed with this information we work together to painlessly change your unconscious “strategies” around your approach to life to prevent the phobia from being able to trigger.

We uncover how you learned to be scared.

All phobias are learned responses, and by carefully uncovering how you learned this behaviour, we can then install new behaviours – this is always a lot of fun, most people end up laughing during this part! Don’t worry if you have no idea at the moment where you learned your phobia, many people don’t.

Together we reprogram your unconscious.

Building on the work from the first 3 stages, we help your unconscious to effortlessly learn new ways of behaving which, once installed, happen automatically so you do not even have to think about using them. Just like a scratched record will never play the same way, nor will your fears – bye bye phobia!

Important Note

This whole process isn’t something I “do” to you – it is something which you do under my guidance. You must want to conquer your phobia, and you must be serious about wanting the results. It is essential that you participate fully and do everything asked of you. If you do, then you will leave not being able to be scared of that old thing anymore, no matter how hard you try!


The Abridged Almost Everything You Wanted To Know About Phobias*

(*but were afraid to ask)

Free 24-page eBook

If you fancy a little bit more information about phobias, and Freedom From Phobia, then grab your free copy of the 24-page The Abridged Almost Everything You Wanted To Know About Phobias*
(*but were afraid to ask)
24 pages of insight into phobias, why we have them, and how to conquer them.


Freedom From Phobia

Freedom from Phobia online

Self-paced online course

Self-paced online course

No 1-2-1 session.

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