When you buy, is it because YOU want to, or because THEY want you to?

AntiManipulation gives you the upper hand by showing how the unscrupulous manipulate.

AntiManipulation – it’s time you took back control!


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When you buy something, are you buying because YOU want to buy? Or are you buying because THEY want you to buy?

How would you even know the difference?

In AntiManipulation, Keith Blakemore-Noble helps to give you the upper hand by showing just how the unscrupulous attempt to manipulate us.

The book explores the base upon which this manipulation is built.

It them looks at several different methods of manipulation, understanding how the are applied, learning how we can spot and counter them.

It finishes by taking a more in-depth look at one of the most popular avenues for mass manipulation, the Live Event. Here, the book breaks down many of the more common, effective, and popular manipulative approaches, helping the reader to be better able to spot them and to counter them.

Which means that you can protect yourself and only buy when YOU want to.

Keith uses his extensive experience of NLP and hypnosis (as a coach for well over a decade) and shares how these and other tools are abused by unscrupulous individuals and companies to seek to manipulate us into buying their stuff – whether that be products, services, courses, or ideas, beliefs, ideologies.

AntiManipulation – it’s time you took back control!

You can find out more about the AntiManipulation project, and about the book at those two links.

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