What Does AntiManipulation Have To Do With Mindset Mastery?

What Does AntiManipulation Have To Do With Mindset Mastery?

As interesting as the idea of AntiManipulation is, what does it have t do with Mindset Mastery? Quite a lot, as it turns out!

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The more I talk about my forthcoming book AntiManipulation with people, the more interesting comments and stories and feedback I get – I love it!

Many of the questions are about particular manipulative techniques, or asking for advice on how to avoid it, or even asking whether an experience they had included such manipulation.

One interesting question I’ve noticed, however, is to question what the book has to do with my area of expertise.

Why did I decide to write this book, what particular experience do I have to make me the one to write it, and is it not all just a big distraction from my normal work of helping people to master their mindset and create their own freedom?

In short, what does AntiManipulation have to do with Mindset Mastery?

It’s a great question. It’s one I asked myself back when I first contemplated writing the book. After all, I didn’t want it to become a squirrel, a distraction from my core focus.

Yes the more I thought about it, the more I realised that AntiManipulation absolutely IS part of my core focus.

I have been in the personal development industry for 12 years so far.

As with anything, we can use these tools for good, or we can use them for ill. I’ve seen a lot of great things done to help lots of amazing people to do live incredible lives.

On the flip-side I’ve come across a lot of very manipulative things done by some in their pursuit of ever-greater sales. I’ve seen them first-hand, experienced them as an attendee, even been taught them at various times. I’ve always found this feels icky to me, and I’ve long thought that “somebody” should expose the tools, tricks, and techniques so we can all be better protected.

Eventually it dawned on me – instead of waiting for “somebody” to do it, I should do it. After all, having been doing this for 12 years I am well placed to highlight the uses and abuses.

Which brings us to the second consideration – the book is a great idea but is it really part of my core focus?

Well, everything I do is about helping people to create their freedom by mastering their mindset, by using these tools in an ethical and ecological manner.  Which is ultimately all about helping people to Take Back Control.  The way I see it, the concept behind this book fits this perfectly.

It helps people to be free from being manipulated, helping them to be free to make their own decisions and to buy things because they want to, not because others want them to.

It helps people to strengthen their own mindset, to become better guarded against others seeking to manipulate and influence them – after all, when someone seeks to manipulate us, it is very rarely for our benefit.

It helps people to appreciate that all tools have the ability to be used for good or for ill – it’s never the tool, its the intent in the person using it. By helping people to spot where many of these tools are being used for ill, it can give people the confidence to be able to appreciate where the tools are used for good, too. Which has at times made it easier for a person to fully let themselves go in a therapy environment as they have a better understanding of the intent behind the tools.

So by writing and publishing AntiManipulation, I can help people to become aware of the ways in which the unscrupulous attempt to manipulate us, I can help people to develop a stronger mindset better-able to ensure they are making the decisions for themselves, and I can help people to have a better appreciation that the tools themselves are neutral, which enables them to be more comfortable about working with coaches and therapists should they need help in improving their mindset and their own lives.

Hopefully it will also help to reduce the numbers of people who fall for these manipulative practises.

An all-round win, I feel, and looking at it, very much within the ethos of Mindset Mastery after all.

Whether it’s with Mindset Mastery or with AntiManipulation – isn’t it time you took back control?

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As interesting as the idea of AntiManipulation is, what does it have t do with Mindset Mastery? Quite a lot, as it turns out!

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