Barry Manilow very nearly got my guest shot and killed... find out more in this episode of #WiLaW Click To TweetHave you ever wished that you could live a contented and stress free life?

Then you are in the right place, because that is what my guest this episode helps people to do.

Join me as I chat with The Survival Coach David “The Heff” Heffernan about how to –

  • appreciate that forgiveness is something that we should all do and that it is the most rewarding action;
  • have an understanding of how to make peace with your decisions, both good and bad;
  • recognise the triggers of stress;
  • make a start on embracing fear;
  • know that you are unique and so every path is different – there is no purpose served by comparing ourselves to others.

and so much more.

About David Heffernan

The Survival Coach

Born ORDSALL, Roughest council estate in Europe. Altar boy aged 5. Served at 1st funeral aged 5. Aged 8 Grief counsellor. Man and dad split 1981. Homeless aged 16. Set up childcare centre and got A Levels whilst living rough. Arrested for Arson at 18. Eventually cleared. Death threats, Armed robberies followed. Prostitution. Identified found prostitute body burnt alive all before 20. Moved to make district – lived in a tent for a year living off land for most part. More violence and robberies. Woke up 4:30 in Bolton. Bored. 3 hours later moved to Essex. 7 hours later found a job, £400 wages sub and a room rent free for a month. Became regional manager for large retail group, Nephew died at birth, stress, went off rails. Beat 2 guys up in short space of time. Arrested and eventually cleared for 1. Moved back to Manchester. Met wife, had kids, diagnosed with muscle wasting disorder and lung defect, on 36 tablets plus 45mg morphine daily. Became unemployable, joined Avon. Top 7% in country for sales. Health worsened. Joined Utility warehouse, Became drug free, Became a trained medium. Served all spiritualist churches in North West. Attended Bradcamp and Be a better speaker, now living the dream with my future as a speaker looking damn good.

Favourite Quote

“Before you abuse, critisize and accuse, walk a mile in my shoes”

– Elvis Presley

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