The One About Metaprograms (pt 1)
You’ve probably heard of Myers Briggs, but what if there was a set of questions which could ACTUALLY give you deep insight into your (or someone else’s) personality, and which explains how you think?

Perhaps one which rather than having 16 possible results (are you REALLY the same as the other half a billion people with that type?!), one which had literally billions of possible comibinations, and which really describes you to a tee?

That’s what we are looking at in this episode (and in episode 9 as well – there’s a lot to cover!)

These metaprograms (as they are called) give us a deep insight into what makes us tick – they also explain why it can feel like we are speaking different languages at times even when we are both speaking English…

In this episode –

  • What are metaprograms?
  • What do they have too do with fear (quite a lot, as it turns out)?
  • How can we start to identify what ours are?

and a whole lot more!

The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The One About Metaprograms (pt 1)

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You’re listening to the Keith Blakemore-Noble radio show, helping you transform your deepest fears into your greatest strengths. Here’s your host, Keith Blakemore Noble…

Hello. Hello. Welcome. Welcome to another episode with a key flame Grenoble radio show. Delving into all the things that help you transform your deepest fears into your greatest strengths. No, Let me. This is gonna be a two party. We’re gonna cover some of this in this episode. We’re going to return to it to finish it off in a couple of episodes. Let me just ask you something, Do you suppose your question? Have you ever had the experience that you seem to be speaking a different language with someone I don’t mean physically different language? You’re speaking French speaking English. You both speak English, and yet the communication is not working. He’s almost speaking different languages. You don’t have that. You almost certainly have this. You’ve been speaking with a close friend or a partner and worrying what the heck you reach on about because it’s just not making sense. Yeah, that’s what we’re taking a look at here. We’re taking a look at a thing which, behind language on which shapes our experience of the world the way we experience the world, the way we communicate, the way we think the way we philtre everything which we’ve spoken about Philtres before. Remember we spoke about how our unconscious mind bombarded by two million bits of information every second, The conscious mind can only process a small part of that. We have the single philtres. It’s giving Philtres which believes, attitude, how use decisions. We’ve made all of these sorts of things philtre what’s coming in shape, how we experience the world shape, how we express ourselves and meta programmes which we’re looking at in this episode on again in a couple of episodes die meta programmes very, very core part of that. Now we’re gonna take a look at these. We’re gonna look this. There are eighteen or nineteen meta programmes. Look at half of them today and another half in another episode. Usually when coaches or whatever look, using matter programmes is to figure out how a person thinks what makes them work and so on enables them to better understand how the person things so that we can then communicate more readily in a way which which works best for that for that person. But when we’re looking at major programmes today what I’d like you to kind of explorers only how you can get a better understanding of yourself and how you motivate yourself. You see life but you’ll also start to see how these can also tapping with the way in which we experience fear the way in which we deal with fear the way in which we might even attract fear into our lives. So it’s very, very wait. We could spend a lot of programmes just talking about meta programmes. We’re only gonna spend a couple of episodes on it. We may look, we may revisit it again at some point in the future if you want more information. But for now, let’s just take a look. Att Mentor programmes I know you have probably experienced You’re probably familiar with at least part of or a similar thing to meta programmes. I hate to think the thing that is loved by so many recruiters on all sorts of people that you’ve come across the Myers Briggs personality profiles. Yeah, you know, the one that that kind of splits splits us into sixteen different personality types we can spend all seven or eight billion people on the planet. We can fit neatly into sixteen personality types. About half a billion people each Obviously has not gonna describe people too well, you know, like  ISTJ, ENFP, INTJ etc Almost certainly come across this before They kind of split in sixteen groups which really doesn’t give you that big and insight into inter people how they work. But what we do, we do with meta programmes. There are eighteen different matter programmes on When you really study these on DH, figure out something’s meta programmes that gives you over two billion different combinations unlimited combinations if you take the nineteenth one, which means we can basically if you your particular set of meta programme statistically something Toby for off three or four people, including you and the entire planet. To have that same makeup gets a great insight into people and how they were so without any further ado, let’s dive into time into the metal programmes We take a look at the first nine in this episode see me So the first mentor programme is now I say the first. They don’t necessarily work in this, but it’s not like mine goes through each of these and step to philtre and process it. Just we got to start somewhere. We’ve got nineteen years. Let’s just take a look at them. There’s no special Lord significance to the order and just you gotta happen. You could order in some way so far as one is your motivation. Philtre your motivation. Philtre Now we’ve spoken a little bit of motivation before. This will be a big topic when we explore looking at goals and all these all these sorts of things. Just take a few moments just to look at motivation. Whenever you’re motivated by something, are you motivated toward what you do want? Or he motivated away from what you don’t want, which in turn provides the greater level of motivation. Let me give you a very, very, very quick example. Let’s look at that money, for example. There’s the money, money, motivation. Are you motivated toward what you do want to see? You want that beautiful lifestyle. You want the luxury mansion, you want the car. You want that holiday. You want to provide your family with everything that they could possibly want. That’s toward motor. You motivate towards what you do want or have you got away Motivation, which is We’re moving away from the pain. I want to move away from being broke. I want to move away from the threat of being homeless or I want to move away from never knowing where my next next mule’s gonna come from. You get another works for any any, any sort of motivation and the motivation told towards what you do want away from what you don’t want. And with the motivational, philtre and meta programmes that are five possibilities you could be toward, you could be motivated towards what you want. You could be motivated mostly towards what you’re being a little bit of a way. It could be pretty much a fifty fifty split. You could be motivated mostly away from what you don’t want with a little bit towards, or you could be motivated purely away from what you don’t want. You know, even looking where you’re going, you’re just looking at what you want to get away from. What it’s very important philtre When we’re looking at goal setting those sorts of things, it’s also a very interesting one that gives more of an insight into fear and and how fear fears motivate you. If if you are heavily away from motivated, that’s because you’re moving away from the things you’re scared of. Fears have a big part to play in what motivates you. It’s interesting when we’re when we are focused on toward what we do want without concerning what move away from. We’re looking at what you do. That’s a place from limited, very limited field on Sophia. That’s a very powerful place and wished to be. But for now, just kind of note. Where are you? Is it towards what you want towards with a little away, a mixture, mostly away the little towards jury away for you don’t want. That’s the first mentor, But I remember with all of these there is no right or wrong. It’s simply what you are. Next. One. Let’s take the next one will be orientation. Philtre. Now this is it’s whether you do what you do because of the possibilities or out of necessity and obligation. Am I doing this because of what I can accomplish what it could bring for me or am I doing this because I’m supposed to do? It’s what I should do. I have to do it. There are three options for the orientation filled. Here is possibility. Find you this. I could achieve thiss or those out of necessity. I have to do this because that’s just the way things I have to do it. Or is it a mixture of both? Again? Fear kind of plays into a little bit on this as you change your fear, Sylvie orientation can can’t just lightly and, of course, that have us where you can read when you re programme your orientation philtre. That could change the whole way. What you perceived Very interesting stuff. This Let’s take a look at third success indicator, I thought Success indicator third major programme, which is our success indicator philtre. Now this is one that can reveal oh bean sites for a lot of people and I’ve I count myself in this because oh, is this brought huge insights for me into its major problems that have been plaguing me for thirty forty years. It’s looking at this particular mentor Program’s success indicated philtre really helped me get a massive hold on exactly what was going on here Also got the whole on. It enabled me then to change things around on DH. Have so you’ve heard me speak about my depression in the past? The success indicated philtre massive for me was a massive impact notifications around the hole depression thing once I flipped this. It has a huge difference in how I can control it. Keep it at bay. So what I mean by a success indicated philtre It is basically how do you know whether you’re doing a good job? What tells you that you’re successful? What tells you it’s a good job? Does it come from inside? Or do you depend on external verification? That was broadly four tatted reasons could fit into first. What is intern, which is you know, when you’re doing a good job, doesn’t matter what anybody else says Irrelevant. What anyone else says, You know, you’re doing a good job puree in total, or you could be internal with with an external cheque. So, you know, inside Yeah, I’m doing her job, but you kind of like to get a little bit of validation from from others just to confirm. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You are doing wrong. And, you know, I’m pretty sure I’m doing you know, I’m doing well. Well, you’re right. I’m doing well now. I think so. Fantastic. That’s internal with an external cheque. Nice one along his external with an internal cheques of basic. You need other people to tell you that you’re doing well. You think kind of cheque internally. Ah, bosses give me a great conflict. Fantastic. Doing well? Yeah, Yeah. Cool. So external with an internal cheque or the other extreme. It’s excellent. The only way You know, you’re doing a good job. The only way you know you’re successful If other people tell you. And really, really you’re putting how you feel in the hands of other people that it’s up to other people to let you know you’ve done a good job to tell you Successful to tell you you’re doing it right to give you worse. How do you Even so, those are the four ones for success indicator Philtre. Is it internal? Do you know? You know from inside I know when I’m doing a good job. It’s an internal with the next cheque. I know I’m doing a good job. It’s nice to get appreciation and validation from others from time to time. He’s an external with an internal cheque. You know, I kind of need honest to let me know. But when they do, Yeah, I kind of Yeah, I just checked. I kind of agree with him or two. Purely external. Do you rip Depend upon your boss giving a good review to take notice? Do you need to win lots of lots of awards in your industry before you feel you’re doing well, for example? Interesting. That’s a success. Indicator filled, sir. Now let’s move along. Let’s move it along. Keep going. We’re gonna move on now to the decision making philtre. This is all about how you make decisions and this could be a really interesting one to figure out for yourself because once you know how you make decisions, you can then much more rapidly gather information in such a way as to enable you to make a rapid decision when you know how, When you understand how other people make decisions, you’re better able to present the information in the way which will enable them to make a decision. Now it’s not about fooling people into making the decision you wanted to make controlling people are making them choose your option. It’s not that it’s about helping them tohave the information the way that enables them to make the decision or for you, it’s enabling you to gather the information in the way that enables you to be convinced and to make the decision. So there are four different ways. Four different ways in which is filtered. You may be convinced by what you see. You need to see something. You need to see the evidence in order to make a decision. You got it. See it with your own eyes. I see the demonstration to see what’s happening. Well, you might need to hear it, which means you might need somebody else to verbally give you the information. Some people they need Thio here they can see it. OK, but tell me, what am I seeing? Tell me, what am I seeing here? You explain what’s going on. Thought it right now. I understand if you did the difference that or it could be that you need to read, we need to read the information. Look, don’t tell me. Just let me read the spec let me read the reviews. Let me read the reports. I’ve read all of Gather all this information. We read it. I will give you a decision. You’re going to read the information so you could process it. Or for some people, it’s kind of the only way you could be convinced that the decision is right. So actually, do it. You need to start doing the thing in order to be convinced that it’s the right decision to make. First can have massive impact. If you’re ever evolved in enrolling people into a project or sales. People will benefit massively when they when they know about these. That’s why for some people seeing a demonstration of the product, that’s it convinces them beautifully. That’s what they need for some people. They need to be told what’s going on. But you can see how it’s doing this this and this. Oh, yeah, Okay, I get it for some people. They need to read all the reports. Some people, they need to just actually use it. That’s where you get a trial. A trial period of thing you got here is use it. Do it. See if this does what you need. So what’s your decision making philtre? Because once you know, I don’t understand what your philtre is your then Muchmore powerful place, you know, to make much more rapid decisions if you want to make a decision and make it quickly. If, for example, you need to read the stuff in automate the decision, then there’s absolutely no point in having people telling you it going for a test drive and seeing demonstrations. You actually just need to read this stuff so you can just cut all the old stuff goes straight to the one that works for you, ma’am. You make your decisions, see how this works. It’s pretty cool. Stuff is, and we are rattling through this quickly because we only have a limited amount of time to get through this. Any of these strikes a chord with you. You want to explore it, more detail get in touch, but I’m happy to have a chat on Could maybe do on the episode around some of them. Or I could do other standalone video. If that’s that’s what that’s what works for you. Let me know. All of this is designed to help you, so let me know how best I can serve you and help you here. All right, um, with the decision making fields up, you’re kind of a teach. What convinces you do you Do you need to see the evidence. You need to hear it. You need to read it. Or do you need Teo? Are you only convinced by like doing it? That’s the decision making. How do you make the decision then? Kind of connected with that is we got the convincer philtre on this is once you’ve made the decision, you’ve gone through all the decision making side of things on. We look, we will almost certainly revisit these when we look at strategies in a future episode or strategies. That’s a whole new world for us to explore their looking strategies about how you do fear. Your strategy is about how you cope with fear. So many different strategies we can look at. Let me know if that’s something that will be of interest, you let me know. We may well tio feature on strategies, a few trips, how you can figure out what your strategy is, why it helps to know it, how you can change your strategies Hey, look, if you if you can change your strategy is about how you do fear, do you think you’re gonna be able to just kind of to one side and help eliminate? But for now, let’s carry on with this where they weave You got the decision making philtre. We’ve also got the convincer philtre so you kind of made the decision. What’s needs toe happen to help convince you that it was the right course of action to take. Now there’s four usually kind of four philtre for options here could be an automatic convincer. By that I mean, you made the decision. You are ultimately convinced it was the right decision because, hey, why why would you have made it if it was the wrong decision, right? I’ve made the decision. I know it’s right. I am done. Let’s move on. For some people, they need Teo way up. Some options would be three options. Five options. That’s why for who, that’s the way a lot of people work. That’s why, for example, you’ll see this time and time and time again in adverts restaurants in all sorts of places. They may offer you three options all the sudden anger. All right, I can compare these three options and pick the one that’s that suits me best. Fantastic. Um, I saw a great example. There was, ah, holiday company and they were offering tours on DH. They offered three. There are three different tours on. They noticed off those two of the most popular one of them very, very few people took. So they dropped that to her and they only had two tours All of a sudden, there’s a big drop in the number of people booking any of the tours. It’s always happening. A lot of people has, like a three time convincing. That’s that’s that’s kind of the most common one. You need to have three options, and from that you can weigh up. This is the best one. If you’ve only got two options like, Well, what do you know? I’m not so sure. So we were making. So they brought back the third one, which then you very few people take by having it there. People now feel more comfortable making a decision. So what’s your convincing? It is automatic. You need a number of options. Hey, boss. We need to take action. We could do this. This this, this or this. Here’s the options. Which one do you think we should go for? We’re gonna go. That one, Brian. For some people, it could be a period of time. You just need You made your decision any maybe a few weeks, just with it. Just tow. Be truly convinced it was the right decision for some people, they can only constant constant convincing. You have to keep being convinced over time that it’s the right decision to make. If you’re hiring someone, for example, No, if you’re being recruited by someone and you know that convinced her field, you can figure out that convince a philtre you don’t know how he’s gonna be to convince your convinced the higher you are the right person for the job because, you know, watching a tactic of instant, they need a number of options. Britain OK, they need your three time convincing him three different ways in which I absolutely rock. They got the three time convincing, feels like nobody take him. Hey, here’s one Cool. I boss is leading and leadership all that sort of thing. Let us go on to the next one, which is the leadership philtre. So we’ve had the motivation philtre orientation, success indicator decision making convincer We’re now into the leadership. Philtre on the leadership philtre is Oh ho, Easy. It is for you to lead yourself or to lead us. Is it easier for you to know what you need to do? Or is it easier future to know what other people need to do or where is it sits up. There’s a project, something something needs to be done. Are you South Leader? In other words, you know exactly what you need to do to make this happen yourself. Leading self leadership brood. So your boss can give you a task and they just know you’re gonna go get it done. Is it easier for you to know what other people need to do? Did not know, to tell you what you need to do now, we’ve probably all come across those sorts of people at some point in our life. They’re great at telling everybody else what they what they need to do in their job. They kind of four short themselves. There’s two other options with leadership philtre that are you have to lead yourself, but you can’t really lead others, so I know exactly how to do my job. I know exactly what I need to do, but I would be absolutely rubber ship leading a team because what they would need to do. Or I said, This is a really powerful philtre to have. Are you able to know how to lead yourself on DH? Others? That’s that’s one of that. A rare a one. But that makes a brilliantly ships. You know exactly how to lead yourself on. You can lead others as well. We’ve sent inspiring example for them. You could lead them. You know exactly when you need to tell him what to do. You know when you don’t you know what you need to do as well. So it’s that leadership fields, Jimmy, are you self self? Not others. Self and others on is only how easy is it for you to know what you need to do? I would use it for you to know what others need to do. It’s all about leadership. Philtre on this could be a really powerful want to know if we get self. If nothing else, once you know your leadership philtre. If you know for example, your self, then you know that you would be a good candidate to go for any position where you need to be self motivated, unique, given the darts and just get on and do it for examples, is great for helping figure out they always in terms of jobs and stuff. Moving on, moving on, moving on. Let’s see, we’ve had one, two, three, four, five, six of them. We’ve got another three you’re going to look at for this particular thiss particular segment. This one is energy direction. Philtre. It’s crazy. How do you direct your energy in pursuit of your goals in life or in pursuit of a given task that thiss can give you a lot of information about how you go about set about undertaking a task? Do you take action right away? Something needs to be done, ma’am. I’m diving straight in. Act first, Ask questions later. Let’s do this and then figure out what the right thing active, active energy. So something should be done. Family. Take action straightaway on, then figure out wasn’t the right action on course of action. Are we heading the right way? Do we need to fix things Or are you more reflective? Something needs to be done, right? Let’s pause for a moment, figure out our best course of action and then we will take that course of action. And again, I’m figuring out the course of action that lead us back to the decision making convincer and also leaving the leadership philtres coming to play in that, alternatively, are you both you take action, but as you’re taking action, you’re also weighing up all the options and figuring out the right course of action. Today you can adjust it a CZ. You need to, but at least you start. You make a start, then we figure it figure out the right way. Or are you inactive? Something needs to be done, right? Come on, then, Somebody choose what we need to do. Let us know how we’re gonna do this So you don’t do anything until somebody else take takes the lead. How do you direct your energy in your pursuit of life goals or in your pursuit of a given task? Whatever it is, you want it to figure out your energy direction. Philtre We got the performance philtre on this. It is kind of more of a work oriented What? But it’s still a very useful. Want to figure out for yourself, figure out about you and you can start to spot it in other people as well. Sometimes it could be interesting, even just to kind of take a little bit of a back seat on DH. Spot this in your social circles. What role do you tend to perform best? Where? What? What? What’s your best role? Are you an independent player? Are you a team player or your manager of the team? So do you work best as an independent player? You know, I just leave me alone. I know what I need to do. I’m going to do it. Or do you want Best City? Hey, gang, let’s do this together or you were asked as a manager. Okay, team, this is what I need you all to do. Go on, do it. It’s an interesting one, really is an interesting wass. Figure it out. I want you figured it out and then look back over life and see where you are in what you were pushed into each of those positions and see how it works. Ally. One time for you. Yeah. Ah, let’s take a look. Uh, yeah. Well, took a look at one more for this episode, and then we’ll we’ll leave it for now. What is your preferred interest? So what interests you most in life? And this is one you might wanna think about, Since it’s only good point in which to pause. But what’s your preferred interest field? What interests you most in life? What do you prefer to spend your personal time doing? Would you focus only Mount Momi? Not really. Do you focus mostly on people hanging out with people dealing with people interacting with people? Are you more inspired by place? Is visiting places going tio? Whether it’s visiting towns and cities, countries or perhaps visiting galleries or cathedrals or monuments, places that attracts you really get you going? Or is it things things that interest you, more people who have hobbies around collecting? They are very, very much lit up by things. It’s very much their preferred interest. Is it activities doing things like playing sports or whatever or the information is information? What really gets you going like reading? For example, someone who’s a voracious reader. Their preferred interest built it really gonna be all around information. That’s the point of what you’re going to stop for this episode, we’ve had a look at nine of the field terms. We’ve had a look at nine of the philtres and just to recap, um, there was a motivation philtre orientation, success indicator decision making, convincer, leadership, energy, direction, performance, work, satisfaction and preferred interest. How about I kind of think about those senior sort of workout what your philtre settings are for each of those? I start to build up a profile of yourself. Enjoy me in a couple of weeks time. Couple of episodes time. When we look at the other philtres, why are we not doing in the next episode? Because in the next episode, I’ve got a rather interesting guests lined up with all of these shows in one episode is gonna be me one. If there’s going to be with the gas was just gonna keep keep that keep that going. So two episodes time, we’re gonna revisit and complete our introductory look to mentor programmes. That’s it for now. How have you found this? Let me know what you think about enjoy this for every of court is whether it’s on YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Google Spotify, wherever it is. Please remember, give us a light ray Tous subscribe. Leave a comment. Let me know exactly what you think. I mean, I want what you want to see in future episodes. Let me help you find us. I will catch you, as always in the next episode. Until then, take care. Look after yourself. And remember, change is always possible and when you change your mind, you change your life.

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