Back To Basics
5 Minute Meditation
5 Minute Meditation
Back To Basics

About This Meditation

Back To Basics

Sometimes it’s nice to get a refresher, to take a step back and strip things back to their most basic form, to better appreciate them.

Which is what we do in this meditation – we strip meditation right back to its basics, reminding ourselves (or learning for the first time) how easy it is, how simple it can be, and how enjoyable it feels.

So get yourself nice and comfortable and get ready to just lose yourself focusing on your breath for 5 minutes.

As always, you can listen to this meditation via the audio above, or if you prefer a more visually stimulating meditation, there’s the video to accompany it below.

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Mindfulness and Business

These days there is an increasing awareness of the benefits of meditation and other mindfulness practises for all, including for those in business. No longer is meditation seen “for the hippies”, many seasoned business professionals recognise its benefits and actively practise mindfulness.

To help like-minded people connect, I run a fortnightly online networking meeting called “Morning Mindfulness”. It runs every second Tuesday, 8am – 9:30am, as part of 4Networking. The meetings are fun, friendly, and open to everyone.

You can find out more details by popping along to 4N on Network Central and searching for Morning Mindfulness.

See you there!

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