Top Ten “5 Minute Meditation” of 2022
5 Minute Meditation
5 Minute Meditation
Top Ten "5 Minute Meditation" of 2022

About This Top Ten

My “5 Minute Meditation” podcast launched at the start of March 2021 and has so far brought 67 different 5 minute meditations to a growing and appreciative group of listeners.

There are many more meditations planned for 2023, but before we dive in to this year’s crop of meditations, let’s cast a fond eye back over 2022 and see which were the 10 most popular meditations as decided by the listeners.

Have a look at the top ten and see which ones are your favourites.

As always, you can listen to this via the audio above, or if you prefer a more visually stimulating meditation, there’s the video to accompany it below.

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