The One With The Cavalry
The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The One With The Cavalry

About This Episode...

It’s been a very long, disruptive, and uncertain 18 months so far.

Many are looking around for help, looking for leadership, looking for rescue – in short, many of us are looking for the cavalry to arrive and save us all.

If there’s one thing which ought to be clear by now, however, it is this – the cavalry is not coming.

But that’s OK.

Because as the UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker and founder of Network Central Brad Burton explains, We Are The Cavalry.

What does that all mean?

That’s what we discuss in this episode, with my guest Brad Burton – listen to it above, or watch the video below.

Links And More

As always, Brad’s social media links can be found with his profile below.

However, here are some additional useful links mentioned in the episode, and a discount code you might find useful too.

Forward Through Forgiveness

This is my online self-paced program for helping you move on from the past by letting go of attachments to everything holding you back – a great way to set yourself up to move forward powerfully, which is what #WeAreTheCavalry is all about.

Normally £49, if you use the coupon code cavalry then you’ll get 15% off. Because let’s face it, We Are The Cavalry, and it pays to make sure we are in the best shape possible to face the future – and that includes letting go of the past and freeing ourselves from its shackles. Check it out at Forward Through Forgiveness, check the rave reviews from delighted clients, and remember to use the cavalry at the checkout to get 15% off (although my VIP and above Patrons can get it free, as you’ll see below…)

Get Involved

Follow the hashtag #WeAreTheCavalry across social media to see what everyone is up to. And more importantly, get involved!

See a post that inspires? Share it!

Think of a way to help people, or that people can help you? Post it, tag it.

Don’t just sit back and wait or watch passively, become actively involved.
Together we can make it happen.
Together #WeAreTheCavalry

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  • Detailed Show Notes
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