The One With Roger Wilson-Crane
The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The One With Roger Wilson-Crane

About This Episode

From 25 years in industry, to nothing – no purpose in life, just fear of the future and the unknown. And then a book saved him. His own book…

My guest this week shares with us his journey through the unknown.

He shares how a decision to step back from the MD role of a successful company coincided with the beginning of the pandemic.

After 25 years of non-stop networking – nothing

No contact with anyone as furlough was deployed.

Suddenly no purpose in life.

The fear of the future, the unknown and the world suffering.

And then…

A book group.

A reluctant participant at first, the inspiration and encouragement was immediate and an Amazon best-selling book was born.

A life changed so much in the past two years. Fearful of what was going to happen in the future, his wife and book group saved him.

Now he is back being a part time consultant to the business, a successful part time author.

Looking back, he realises that writing the book was very cathartic and made him realise which life events had made him the person, father and husband he is today.

Join us in this enthralling episode as we share some of Roger’s journey, and figure out the lessons he learned which we can also learn and apply to our own life’s journey.

As always, you can listen to this episode via the audio above, or if you prefer to watch us having a chat then there’s the video version of it  below.

Roger's Book - "Certified"

Certified is a fictional memoir following one man through birth, marriage, and death. Inspired by real life events, the book takes you on a journey of joy, loss, and heartache, through life’s three certificates.

It is, ultimately, a love story.

One Unexpected Birth: The long road to fatherhood. Missed opportunities, poor choices, a car ride with Bet Lynch, and finally the shock of becoming a Dad. A story of heartache, elation, and Peter Beardsley.

One Hapless Wedding: The pressures of matrimony. Inept friends, false promises, an encounter with armed police, and finally the relief of “I do.” A story of love, commitment, and a stranger, Wally, and his camper van.

One Bizarre Death: The sadness of loss. Confused emotions, life re-evaluation, £25k in ceased bank notes, and finally saying goodbye. A story of regret, family reflection, and Morrisons, the supermarket.

A book to stir the memories in us all. The realisation we have all been certified.

You can find out more and buy signed copies at Roger’s website!


Sometimes an episode is just not enough to get share everything, and Roger has a LOT more to share than we could squeeze in to this episode!

Thankfully, Roger very kindly agreed to record some more in a Patreon-exclusive bonus episode purely for my Patreon supporters (which means YOU can get access too if you subscribe).

Roger shares the (in his words)  farcical story of his estranged fathers passing. Highlights of this tale include the bizarre moment when the staff at Morrisons turned up for his cremation, the rock he wanted his ashes scattering that nobody had never heard of, and the moment we let the ashes go…

You can find it at my Patreon page, and if you are not already a supporter, you’l be able to sign up there and then and get immediate access too!


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