The One About My Books
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The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The One About My Books

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My Books

I’ve written and contributed to several books over the years (8 since 2012 to be exact), and I have spoken about the content of some of them over the years, but I’ve never actually explained how each of them came to happen in the first place.

Join me as we take a look back over how several of these books came to happen.

From the book which made me step massively outside of my comfort zone, through the accidental book that was never rally planned, to the book which went from initial idea to publication and launch in the matter of 5 months.

As always, you can listen to this meditation via the audio above, or if you prefer a more visually stimulating meditation, there’s the video to accompany it below.

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The Books

You can find more information about all of my books – the ones to which I contributed, the ones which I compiled, and my own solo books alike – in the author section of this site.

You can buy most of these directly from this site if you wish – I can even scribble my name on them if you really want – or you can find any of the books in all the usual bookstores, both online and physical.

All are available in paperback and most are also available in ebook (Kindle, Apple eBook, NookBook, etc).

Cover of Winning in Life and Work : Volume 1
Cover of Winning in Life and Work : Success Secrets
Cover of Winning in Life and Work : Dare To Dream
Cover of The Masks We Wear



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