The One With Martin Pemberton

The One With Martin Pemberton

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The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The One With Martin Pemberton
Professional football. Many boys' dream job! But is it actually All That? What happens after? Where's the support? Especially as Men Don't Talk...

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About This Episode

Mental health is a recurring topic over the years of doing these shows, and with very good reason – one in four of us will suffer from significant mental health issues at some stage in our lives.

It doesn’t matter who we are or what we do, it can and does affect anyone.

Even, for example, a professional footballer who is absolutely living the dream – it can still affect them both during their career, and also very much so afterwards.

It really doesn’t help that in a great many cases Men Don’t Talk.

My guest this week is no stranger to issues of mental health.

He was a professional footballer, had to retire from the game, and has seen mental health affecting a great many people first-hand. He now does something wonderful to help, and that’s what we explore in this episode.

If You Need Help…

If you found what Martin does to be inspiring and you feel that you or a mate might benefit from some of his help, you can connect with Martin on the usual places from his profile below, and you might also wish to check out the many resources Martin has linked at his Link Tree page.

Exclusive Bonus Content

Martin has so much more to talk about, so many stories to share from his days as a professional footballer, and so much more information regarding helping men with their mental health.

And Martin was generous enough with his time that we were able to record a bonus section covering these and more, exclusively for my Patreon Supporters.

You can find it at my Patreon page, and if you are not already a supporter, you’l be able to sign up there and then and get immediate access too!

About My Guest

Martin Pemberton for over a decade was a professional footballer & for over 6 years worked in education as a Learning Mentor for disadvantaged children.

Today he is a Public Speaker raising awareness around mental wellbeing, an NLP & EFT practitioner and the Creator & Trainer of the ‘Men Don’t Talk Programme’.

You can find all of his contact details and more on his LinkTree at

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