Confidence is such an important thing to have, as it opens so many doors in life.

No matter which area of your life seems to be lacking in confidence, we can work together to help you to fully reclaim it, so that you can start to fully enjoy life – by being able to take full advantage of all of the many opportunities which your newfound confidence will help you to see!

Dogs, spiders, dentists, heights, flying, snakes, needles… whatever your phobia is, you know it is costing you a lot in life. Isn’t it time to conquer that phobia once and for all?

The good news is that with Freedom From Phobia, you can permanently conquer your phobia quickly, effortlessly, and painlessly – with no scary “aversion therapy”!

Weight loss, nail biting, driving tests, mindset development …

Whether it’s a one-off thing, or a more longer-term set of change work, you and I can work together to help you tackle your issues head-on and create a long-lasting positive solution, which helps you to get rid of the things in life you don’t want, and get more of the things you DO want!

Auditions are an essential part of any successful performer’s life. Unfortunately, for many performers auditions can be an incredibly anxious time, and a source of massive anxiety, panic, or worse.

Annihilate Audition Anxiety helps you to become completely conformable with auditions, enabling you to allow the real you to shine through.

Stage fright can hit any performer, at any level. Sometimes it’s always there, holding back a promising career; sometimes it can strike out of the blue, debilitating even the seasoned professional performer.

Stage Fright to Shining Light helps you to completely eliminate stage fright, and turns you into a powerfully confident performer.

No matter what level we are at, there’s always another level. Sadly, many of us play small and won’t allow ourselves to dare to step up a level.

Whether it’s moving from local to national, from national to West End, from West End to TV, or from TV or film, this will clear your own internal blocks and set you on the right road fulfilling your full potential.

You are unique. Your style is unique. And your situation is unique. So naturally, you are looking for coaching tailored to your unique needs.

Which is where my Bespoke Coaching comes in! Before the program even starts, we sit down and discuss exactly what you want to gain from it, and then design the entire program around your requirements.

TV Star's Secret Weapon!

How Keith helped the popular star of a hit BBC reality show to nail her confidence for the show.

Performing in Public

How Keith helped singer go from being too shy to perform in public, to singing in Parliament Square!