Fear of Spiders

David Oakley, London, UK

If I saw a spider I would freeze and my partner would have to get rid; I would totally freak out at the sight of one!

So said a recent client David who, like many people in this country (perhaps more than you might at first think), used to suffer from arachnophobia which is defined as an intense and irrational fear of spiders. Of course, even though David knew his fear was totally irrational (he described it as such himself), it didn’t make it any less real for him. As anyone with any phobia will certainly be all too aware, the phobia is irrational but very real and its effects can have quite an impact on the sufferer’s life.

However, whereas in ages past it would have taken years of psychotherapy just to reach the stage of being able to cope with the symptoms of the phobia, these days advanced tools are available which can help one to cure one’s phobias in under an hour; a far ore agreeable outcome I’m sure you’ll agree, and one which we got when David and I worked together on his phobia, as he explains –

The process was simple, in a relaxing environment we sat and talked. It was a completely painless process, relaxed and open, we went back and got to the bottom of why I was afraid of spiders.
And now I just feel total apathy toward spiders. If a spider were to walk across the floor now I’d just sit there and think “Oh, it’s a spider”.
I would completely recommend Keith to anybody.

The whole process took less than an hour, and was successfully carried out in the comfort of David’s own home.

A couple of weeks later David encountered his first spider since losing his arachnophobia.  What happened?  In David’s own words –

I calmly got a bit of bathroom tissue, picked it up and disposed of it (the spider). 3 weeks ago I’d have been a quivering wreck and screaming a my partner to get rid!
I feel so empowered; thank you Keith for helping in conquering my phobia.

– Mr David O, London, UK.

Do you know of someone who has a phobia? (Perhaps you know them very well). A great many people do have them, and they can cause a lot of problems sometimes on a daily basis. Just imagine how much of a difference that would make to one’s daily life to spend an hour to become completely free from that phobia?  Contact us to find our more.