The One With Steven Wade

The One With Steven Wade

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The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The One With Steven Wade
Divorce, finance and children - how mindset can tilt things in your favour by how you act and how you think.

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About This Episode

It’s a sad reality that sometimes, relationships end.

Sometimes in bitter, acrimonious, divorce.

Which gets even more complicated when there are children involved.

As we all know, law plays a massive part in how these situations are resolved.

However, it’s not just the law, there is more to it than that – mindset and empowerment can tilt things in your favour by how you act and how you think.

That’s what we discuss in this episode, with my guest Steven Wade from Family Law Assistance.

About My Guest

Steven had already experienced hostile, aggressive solicitors and threats of arrest while trying to remain a part of his child’s life. He had been disregarded from being part of the discussion when his son was moved 300 miles away and he could do nothing about it. He felt pushed out of being a parent and out of his son’s life.

He fired his solicitors before the first hearing and chose to represent himself – doing so successfully. Not only was he empowered and proactive in his case, but he now has a meaningful relationship with his child.

Steven is a natural problem solver and you will want this on your side in a court fight. He has worked in blue chip companies as an IT specialist and as a business analyst for a large American corporation. He has also helped separated parents for a Welsh-based parenting charity. He met his wife, Michaela, who supported him through court hearings during his case. He now assists people all over the country with all types of family law issues.

All of these attributes run through the ethos of Family Law Assistance and these skills have been transferred to our team members.

You can find out more about Steven at:

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