The One With Shamus Doherty
What can you do if you want to improve your health BUT the thought of gyms scares you?

Join my guest, the PT with a difference!

In his own words, here is what Shamus covers –
My journey and why I done it. Not that everyone will start a journey and become a PT however it’s more the confidence it gave me to make that change and be more positive. Also the majority of those I aim to help are those that I can identify with as I have experienced the very same pain points that they have.

  • Yo yo diets….why are these not healthy?
  • Difference between weight loss and fat loss?
  • Simple steps to start your journey.

and so much more

The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The One With Shamus Doherty

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You’re listening to the Keith Blakemore-Noble radio show, helping you transform your deepest fears into your greatest strengths. Here’s your host, Keith Blakemore Noble…

[00:00:29] Keith: Hey, welcome back. Welcome back to another episode, my guest in this episode has an interesting story. So my guest is Shamus changed from Staines upon Thames, which is on the outskirts of leaving. Sorry, but as he describes it, with a gust of wind in the form of Heath Heathrow Airport. So she was married to a nurse. He’s got five children. This he puts down to satellite reception. Being poor five times is always been active, taken part in various force, including being an England table tennis player during the teenage years. Hey has always played football, although weirdly, after getting married. If we don’t wait, shameless and one day stepped on the scales on, it was horrified at the number I know many of us have been in that exact situation. It wasn’t the shameless was eating. Typical healthy, Cruz was, was sorry it wasn’t the shames wasn’t eating typical healthy foods. There was always lettuce, salad, veg, and so on the plate. It was just the crisps the cakes and sweets and takeaways, usually on the way home from off the mobile. There, they would have done the damage. So she has decided that enough was enough and began to take control of his food intake. He upped his exercise regime. During this time, a friend suggested that shameless should become official out personal failure as he was helping the wife’s friend to lose weight on that resulted in a career change. After almost twenty years in the motor trade, Shame has made the move on as of September twenty eighteen qualified to the personal trainer. Now, so far, so good standard Storey. But here’s the really interesting thing. Shameless used to be Jim phobic he used, and we’re gonna find out a lot more about that in a moment. But shame us, like many of us used to really have stuff about going to the gym. He used to be Jim phobics the term he uses himself, which means he’s got an insight into what it’s like for so many hours in the population, and he takes that into account in the way in which he works with his clients on. That’s why I knew we had to get him on on this on this show because it’s it’s not the usual. Oh, I used to be young, fit, And then I became fate. And you should do. And I can help Your Storey. This is someone who’s done all that. Having come from a place of being afraid of the gym. That’s my my guest today. Shame. Historically Shameless. How are you doing, sir? I’m good. Thank you. Keep yourself. I am very good. Thanks. Very good. Great to have you here. So yet Jim phobic. Tell me. Tell me about that. What was what was kind of going on there?

[00:03:15] Shamus: I was always one of those perennial people that words sign up to a gym in January. Best intentions going on dh. When I joined, I go wonder and make America get busy, and it would be a bit off but inside. Then try and find all the lights from the evenings or got some similar clock in the morning where there was no one there. Um and she can only do that sentiment of time. You know, when you fit many kids in the family and everything. So, Yeah, I was one of those ones you turn up and then six weeks later, never to be seen again. I’ve even done a six month contract. Twelve months was a complete waste. Lots of people will identify with that. You know, set New Year’s resolutions. And before you know it Oh, yeah, I’ll do it. Next year. I’ll start again next year. And then,

[00:04:01] Keith: uh,

[00:04:01] Shamus: so, yeah, it is very open.

[00:04:03] Keith: Yeah, you’re so I mean, what you say it was Stephen phobic. So it was. Is this more than simply being a bit lazy, signing up with the best of intentions and then it kind of just not you get round to It was a bit more to it. The mats thie

[00:04:18] Shamus: intention was there, but worried about what people would say. What you know, Back then, I was very chubby size, really body conscious. So the idea of going to Germany settle these mirrors, Um, are you to yourself in the mirror being when you’re on a piece of machinery, you’re lifting up the way you’ve been looking in the mirror and you might just catch someone else’s. I and you think? My God, they’re staring at me that they’re watching me And actually, you might be a simple glance or catching the eye, so things I’d be right about that. And then they have their phones out. You’re thinking a lot about taking pictures. Were they texting their friends? And we’ve got this chubby guys really funny. You can’t if this way, Dooley seems, go for your head more so it’s not just people who are in trouble, but obviously people who need to call my may well be feeling the same thing. But it was all that surrounding, and at the time I would always stick to the same three four piece of equipment. Now, you know, obviously, in person training, such an economy need variety. But I was sticking to the same three or four because I felt safe and I felt secure. But I wasn’t getting anywhere, so it was almost incapable. I’m not actually getting any further. So what’s the point on DH? These pay people looking in the mirror and and I don’t want to get shower or change there because you know, to the these cars will affect it bodies. They lost me because I’ll be over hanging and is all those stupid things. But at the time. I say stupid and very real, and it still is very, very real challenge for lots of people.

[00:05:53] Keith: Yeah, I mean, it’s such a such a common thing. I know a lot of people say, Well, I couldn’t go down to the gym and I’m I’m I’m fat. There are gonna be looking at me in life looking at me and I guess it’s not helped with certain parts of social media, certain areas of social media these days, where you get people who post these also hilarious shots of Hold Off is a bad person at the gym. That’s all. Point and laugh with them. Yeah, I guess that really doesn’t help either. I mean, how No, obviously, that’s really going off putting. And you say you, which is ridiculous, because surely the whole point of going to gym is yes. You go to gym as an overweight or underweight person so that you can achieve that Goodbody how in your experience? Because now you’re a personal trainer and so on your experience. How how common is it that other people are looking at? Who’s going to the gym and judging people? I mean, does it just happen.

[00:06:59] Shamus: Um, yours make it somebody. It’s in the gym, just as you might get somebody. It’s in a supermarket, in the car park, in the school programme. There are gonna be idiots, but primarily, you know, from what I’m doing now, I do realise that the mirrors on there, Tommy people create themselves and how good they look. For most people, it’s about looking at what their form is so like when you’re doing an exercise, you can make sure that your back straight you can make sure that Europe, right, um, that’s what the mirror school on. That’s what you should you know, with your beginner with you usedto machinery, whether whether your inexperience proud that mirror is more of a guidance reform. And if you see yourself in its one side, your back’s not quite straight. Then you want to correct. It’s hard to do that. Sometimes when you don’t have a visual, you don’t have someone there saying, Straighten your back. Eso using those for that? Certainly with the phones. Yes, some people might be on there payments to go on with their Facebook, but actually look what people use their phones because workouts on the phone, and the one thing that people should always do when they’re working out is keep track of what they’ve actually done. So if you’re going into Jim said, today’s a leg day and I need to do X Y zed and I need to progress that right? I know what I done last week. So this week I’m doing three sets of twelve. This is the right on DH in between the set. We’re actually recording that on. And then that is obviously between X, that you need to have a rest, a natural rest so that use that natural rest to update their training and then go on to the next yet. So I’m not certain about Texas accent you city. I’m working right now.

[00:08:39] Keith: I think that’s to two major points that you make there. Let’s let’s just go back over a region just because it’s so easy, Tio gloss over it. But then you make some really major points there. One is the mirrors, which I know. I I don’t admit hand up. I don’t go to June’s these days probably never will. But hate that’s that’s life, for for some people, or for many people. It is a really good thing to go to the gyms. I know in the old days when I used to go one thing that used to really put me off wass. As you say, the mirror is everywhere and in what hole off, people can see what I’m doing. But you point out the reason for the mirror’s there is is to help you when you’re doing your exercises.

[00:09:23] Shamus: Yeah, yeah. I mean, you know, for example, E give you won’t be there now, right round the idea bin you cannibal missing to get bent over with the back completely straight. So that backs and actually doing the work people in the armour. So that backs in the controlled state on DH. So when you do that, it’s quite easy to kind of raise your back just slightly. So you got to fifteen, twenty degrees to get the full amount you want to be flat, whereas if you’re if you’re looking in the mirror when you look in silence, then maybe you can see with your eyes going up. And so you can actually just it during the exercise, rather than someone saying that the end, actually your back was coming up. So you know that or that set was a bit overweight

[00:10:02] Keith: or even more, or even your back then telling you the next day I wasn’t in the right position. Yes,

[00:10:09] Shamus: yes, yeah. And it’s not about the amount of weight you can carry. It’s about technique. Technique. A win every day of the week over. You know, most people in the gym could probably two probably use half the weight and correct their form, and they would still get the same benefits. In fact, that would love them in ten, fifteen years time

[00:10:31] Keith: Got it right so that the mirrors in there so that you can you can make sure you’re doing things right. You’re not bending your back when you shouldn’t be in a lot of things, which I guess means when you’ve got you always see people looking in the mirrors. And it’s not over there proving themselves or worse, sneaking a glance of what you’re doing there simply focusing on what they’re doing. So because they’re gonna be looking at Paris, that’s yet they’re all looking

[00:10:56] Shamus: Yeah, and they’re And they’re, you know, in your everyday life you walk down a road and you’re naturally going toe dance. It’s someone you know, you know. You don’t walk down the road looking at the pavement. You actually catch someone’s eye. That’s just part and parcel, obviously, in the gym when, when when you have hang up and that’s part of your phobia. It’s a big deal. You think they’re looking at you. You think there’s an issue that has a problem, So you kind of gotta try and realise that that’s not what it’s there for. Easy seventh. Um, sure, You know, even I knew that at the start, but I still felt that that occasional glance was actually know they’re watching you for ten seconds. So that’s it, then. My rest period or whatever I used his rest period at the time would be longer, because I’d be right for them to move on or stop looking. So I wasn’t getting up. My workout wasn’t fully fledged worker. I’d be taking bits and pieces here and trying to get into a corner, but never could. Seemingly pointless,

[00:11:55] Keith: I guess. I guess the reality is people are gonna be looking at the gym. In fact, if anything, the realities work. They’re not even gonna be paying attention to you at all. Not even in the notice that there you’re there because they in the zone focusing on on what they are doing.

[00:12:10] Shamus: Definitely, definitely. You know, lots of people wear headphones and listen to their music Pretty much that. That’s it. They’re going to, they’re going to a I work out of recession and they are in the zone. Yeah, they don’t care whether there’s twenty people now or two hundred as long as they can go into their piece of equipment and they’re not being moved out of the way Everything. They’ve got their space, a veteran zone, and they

[00:12:35] Keith: are making

[00:12:36] Shamus: the most of their forty five minutes right now in the session. But I can’t

[00:12:40] Keith: I guess that you say it’s easy. Easy to say this is it’s harder to kind of really get it. But yes, I guess one way we do it is if you go to the gym. Once you finish there on, you’ve left the gym so you can’t cheat and see it. Just ask yourself with Okay. What was the person to machines down for me wearing What was the person on my right hand side. How? What were they doing on your guest? You’ll quickly realise. No, I have no idea. And then you realise. Well, let’s gonna be the same for everyone else, I guess.

[00:13:14] Shamus: Yeah, I mean that. You know, if someone comes in, they got flaming red hair. That’s the kind of thing you know. You’re not setting a supermarket next that school programmes or what? We’re walking down the road, But in general, Yeah, you You wouldn’t be thinking about the problem and gym gear, but I Yeah, you wouldn’t. You couldn’t get yourself into a belief that if it is your forty five minutes in the gym, you were gonna concentrate fully on yourself, Andi, even if it means you’re standing around looking at yourself and you’re not doing the glance in. I mean, it’s natural. You know, some of you got to get over initially on the nights that once she starts feeling confident, you know, you quietly look around and they almost struck me stuff. Not in a kind of eager way. But just as in, I’m confident in myself here and confident what she knew your waiter music?

[00:14:01] Keith: Yeah, wth the other important thing you mentioned was was about phone. So many people that have phone. Yeah, because they got their exercise programmes on the phone. They’re tracking what they’re doing. They got your aunts to remind themselves what setting deep this thing should be out. And I guess that offer timing there. Those important respirators as well.

[00:14:22] Shamus: Yeah. Yeah. If you are someone to counter thirty seconds without a timer, most people struggle. You can’t Garson to get the ten seconds very food will get bang on ten. Yeah, you rest. Period itself is just a little as as the exercise and arresting recovery is paramount, but yeah, tracking what you’ve done, what you’ve machine you gotta go into next. What? Wait, you gotta go onto If someone said, Well, you’ve got ten exercises, you know, typical Hopefully work out my consistent ten exercises. Unless you’ve got a super memory, you’re not gonna remember those from the minute you go into the gym. So you get to your last one and you might miss away. You might do a wrong, you know, it’s not over. Sessions aren’t typical three sets of ten reps. It could be a different kind of. So you cannot get a table like this one to the next one, I said on my next one, doing exquisite on you. It’s only to have that as I was a template. Obviously, some people do online training, so they might not necessarily trained with me face to face. But they may come to me for governments. Was, too. I need to progress what we need to do in the gym. So these up three months, six months time to them, I don’t remember that. So they need about and they can use the phone and, you know, sometimes as guides on what you can do videos on how to to do the best set, how to best use that piece of machinery. So yet some people might use it for Instagram and Facebook. Actually, you know what most people had issues as a reminder of this is where I am, where I need to be, and that’s what I need to do next.

[00:15:59] Keith: Got it. I guess those who are using it for Instagram ninety nine point nine percent of the time it’s because they want to go. Hey, look at me in the gym rather than what else do you have something I’m gonna be looking everywhere else is looking for me. Yeah. I mean,

[00:16:14] Shamus: you’ve got You know, a lot of people are following the instagram and, you know, they are bloody beautiful and yet, but they’re taking pictures go off themselves on. You know what? If you get to that point and you show that confident whether you can take a picture yourself in a gym Welcome. Absolutely. As long as it’s just, you know, stop yourself. Used to say, Well, no Sorry. Point taken pictures off, but a CZ you say people aren’t interested in what the guy two machines down is wearing what he looks like. But the reality is that at that start point, that’s what you think.

[00:16:47] Keith: Yeah, Well, exactly. Yeah, yeah, on DH. Interesting. What? I guess when we do work, as do we have to work out at the gym or other other ways in which we can

[00:16:59] Shamus: No, very much My my initial thing was to actually train outside now there Unquiet. Fortunately down here in Syria, in west London, there plethora off out Georgians, usually brightly coloured, kind of fresh, yellow flashing drain. No. Half his many people should be using them you tend to get more kids of an evening climbing on them and all that sort of stuff. But it’s just that you do outside and knows there’s not just African doing your home. I mean, ninety five percent of my clients are either based. That would be trying to home if their spare room is big enough that they got a large enough segment. Merman. You can imagine some of the houses and sorry there. There’s always a large in my sitting room. Yeah, so you know we do trying all sorts of places that doesn’t involve the gym at all. So, so iconic, bringing the gym to them into an area where they feel comfortable where they’re in their own zone. Um, that allows them to be a bit more efficient. You know that they’re taken away that fear, that wary of other people. Um, and it’s their space of near territory, and therefore they really feel a lot more confident. I still don’t have the body doubts, you know, they might be skinny. They might be a bit of excess fat that you need to lose. They still got those hang ups, but now they don’t have that added pressure off the mirror off other gym users who look like they’re been training for years and spectacular. Have you got that? A za kind of pressure. So, yeah, Jim, Jim’s were fantastic in there. A focal point when we want to know. You can still look fantastic and still feel fantastic without stepping foot in a gym.

[00:18:52] Keith: Right? So you can you can do it. Do it from the comfort of your of your own home lost. That’s a conflict. I mean, what probably doesn’t feel that comfortable in your booth. Safety of your of your of your own home? Just does that mean you would need to fork out a fortune on multi Jim Home equipment and all this something?

[00:19:12] Shamus: No, not initially, but not even lie side. A lot of it was body right on DH. There was so much you can do but bodyweight. It’s again. It’s all about technique on DH. Certainly when you’re carrying a bit of extra right, it’s the best time to do the body, right, because you actually used in that way. As the added you usually using yourself.

[00:19:34] Keith: Yeah,

[00:19:34] Shamus: has that way on DH. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for anything. And then it is literally just about consistency. Technique on before his injury and healthy as well.

[00:19:45] Keith: Obviously, that’s

[00:19:45] Shamus: what you’re doing. That as long as you’re doing that, you stop. You see results. And then the rest of stuff, you can pick up things that carpet Selves. Marketplace on Facebook country. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Doesn’t really expensive. So you don’t have to start getting pieces of machinery that actually turned out to be glorified wardrobes.

[00:20:04] Keith: Yeah, you remember?

[00:20:05] Shamus: I remember my if I had a fantastic multi gym which are used for that month, and then it it was my own official wardrobe.

[00:20:12] Keith: Yeah, Yeah, there’s a number of time, those things and not this wardrobes or clothes horse, or just get the chair. So I have somewhere where we’re looking, just kind of it. Just start getting into into fitness. And so what some simple steps that could take just to start, start getting going.

[00:20:32] Shamus: Firstly, I identify what you eating, and you can’t outrun about dying so you could go to the gym five days a week if you’re eaten. If your choice and foods are poor and you drink knots appears. Except they’re going to the gym is gonna gonna help you. That was my problem. Used to go to play football on the Sunday night. That slope off Casey in my home s o. I thought I don’t That right? Yeah. Actually, I probably only looked lost about three hundred calories, and then I was putting in six, seven hundred, so it was built for the economy, but so, yeah, certainly identified with what you’re eating. Some people like to go to the extreme in count calories. I’m I know only begin. That could be quite scary. And people, even that’s too much effort. So make a conscious effort. Um, things in moderation. I’m not one of these people that say we got out. You gotta take You got everything just just Tyler down, um, injured people here. Daily life ten thousand steps is usually a good guide, but three ten minute brisk walks. I know some people can’t, you know, just in a massive walk with weekend, no one’s gonna be able to do that. Just three ten minute walks a day. It could be huge, and it could bring in an extra two three thousand steps using stairs instead of elevator. Yeah, if you’re in the fifty sixth rule Mike, I write you when they used it because fifty six floors is quite a trick. But first of all, for for you to take a walk, there’s no you don’t race up. It didn t Just a nice casual because work on, Do start dating Somebody rates simple things like scraps, lunges These are the things that you just need to spacing standing in so you don’t need to be doing lots of running around. You don’t need to do man mad burpees People hate burpees and they’re worried about their press up to contra press up. I can’t do a pull up look at his body, right? Exercises exercises that Iraq’s e In the spacing your standing basically might just need space to where you can put your arms out. That’s it. So, yeah, bodyweight exercises from there as well. I knew it. Two, three weeks. You should probably start seeing it’s independence. It you’re not gonna go overnight from someone who like when I was eighteen, Stone, I wasn’t gonna lose my belly overnight, But your body will start loving you for it and then you start getting more energy, and then we still get more energy. You can start making work out a little bit more intense. You start sounding a bit longer. Your ten minute walk, something become fifteen. Twenty

[00:23:11] Keith: minute works.

[00:23:12] Shamus: When you come back. When you come back from the supermarket, you’re actually carrying the shopping back the whole way. Probably stopping off, like every year over. I mean, coming back against a little things that smiling little changes. Some people could go into this sort of thing and make massive changes straightaway. Yeah, fair place. Um, but, Jim, the average person means to make small incremental change is one or two changes a week Before you know it. By the end of the year, you’ve made hundreds full changes which, collectively a huge

[00:23:47] Keith: Yeah.

[00:23:48] Shamus: By the time you got there, you would have noticed the difference. Small and often.

[00:23:53] Keith: Yes, Well and often I like that like that. And you say each time little change builds up, builds up Pinto into something massive. Yeah. Wow. Different. Now I know I have got one more. Not one of the question for you. People talk, talk a lot about losing weight. people talk about losing fat is weight. Loss of fat loss. I know this. There’s some confusion about those. A lot of people think it’s the same thing. They go Well, I’ve I’ve I’ve lost fat. Why haven’t I lost weight or vice versa? What? What is the difference between weight loss in fat loss and, you

[00:24:30] Shamus: know, great loss. Weight loss can be a combination of both frankness and muscle mass. Now, lots of people in This is how I need to lose weight. Needs to be right and, you know, Yeah, you do need to be right, but we don’t compromise in news muscle at the same time, it is the front. Um, So what you would normally do is when you’re trying to lose weight, he’s doing lots of resistance or strength training. People get scared about anything. I don’t like this for mates. Lifting weights just helps your muscle mass remain. So you could still do that at some time, and that helps to burn fat. So on. I’m big on fat loss because we can strip the fact keep the muscle, and once you have a strong muscle and your muscles get bigger, that actually burns more calories on the muscle before, so you want to keep you till you definitely want to be keeping a master because the muscles works, Keeping us working. Yeah. You know, when you walk down the road, it’s not your bones on your bones. You go up to the struggle weight training, strength, training, resistance training does that as well. But the muscles, the taps to them.

[00:25:42] Keith: You need

[00:25:42] Shamus: to be strong as well if you start losing lots of that muscle mass and suddenly you become a weaker and then you might be losing mate. But carrying that bag of shopping becomes harder. I’m getting out of bed, becomes harder and it becomes a bit more. But also you losing weight, but not in a healthy way, but your body thinking, Yeah, this is great. Your bodies. That’s if you can. It got you this weight. That actually I’m I’m struggling. It’s a loser. Loser is Herman. Um and you don’t strip it down gracefully far because believe it or not, we kind of need a bit of fat. Nobody, you know, certainly bodybuilders and everything they stripped right down because they need to look to an extreme But you have this person we do need. We need facts to survive. Memory, in fact, movie needy, the insects to survive. It’s just the access that’s bad, but yeah, but yet, but there is a difference between actual weight loss on fat loss. And, yeah, there are lots of fried parts out there. But label it as as a weight loss. When I see people don’t like to hit that, don’t not to think of that loss that losses. Ah, it’s almost a dirty word. I see. That’s what we all way. Want fat loss,

[00:27:03] Keith: right? Okay, I got it. I think that makes a lot of sense. It’s a lot of says it’s bean. It’s been fascinating chatting with you, and I know I’ve learned a few things about about the gym and why things are the way they are and how we can get get started easily and compost effectively. If you want to find out more about you, what you do, perhaps you can look at how how they might be able to work, because I know you worked with people online. That’s on what’s the best website from Teo. Get hold of you

[00:27:40] Shamus: if they go to www dot s h a y f i t dot co dot uk. Um cracked me there a ll the social media. China’s wrong, their credit from number. Happy to have a chat. You know, it’s not a case of if you read me. We do business. A lot of people that I speak to just need that kind of gentle, gentle nudge on bison. Sometimes that’s often that people talked to exchange.

[00:28:08] Keith: Brilliant. Brilliant. So that’s www dot shafe. It s h a y f i t dot co dot uk. Also, Shamus is all over social media on. If you go to the show notes for this for this episode on there on the main website, he’s like a little dot com to their radio associate radio shows section and find the find. This episode you find the show notes say you’ll find all of you social media details there as well. Plus, he’s got them on his Web site to www dot shayfit dot co dot uk. Thank you so much for taking taking a time out to discuss this with us. I

[00:28:54] Shamus: know patiently. Opportunity,

[00:28:57] Keith: Pleasure. I’ve certainly found it interesting. I know a lot of other people will find it interesting to thank you, dear. Listen, Andy, of you for joining us, that’s it for this episode will be back again with another episode very soon. But in the meantime, I will leave you with Shames. His favourite quote. We’re gonna need a bigger boat

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Now he brings the distillation of his experience into a weekly show designed to help you to transform your deepest fears into your greatest strengths.

Some episodes feature Keith running solo, discussing topics related to fear, phobia, mindset, and taking an interesting look into where it all comes from and what we can do about it.

In other episodes, Keith invites a special guest to join him and to discuss their experiences in overcoming their own fears, so that we can gain some insight into how we might do the same, or even to explore the more esoteric areas around fear – sometimes in some unexpected yet very interesting ways!

Presented in both audio and in video, across multiple platforms, so that the show can meet those who need it where they are.

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