The One With Rich Amor-Wilkes

The One With Rich Amor-Wilkes

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The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The One With Rich Amor-Wilkes
Being on video is something which many realise they really ought to be doing, but find terrifying. Why is this, and how can we overcome it?

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About This Episode

Being on video is something which many business owners (and others) realise they really ought to look at doing, but which is also a terrifying thought.

But why is this, and what can we do to overcome it?

Join me as I discuss this and more with my special guest, Film Producer and Outdoor Enthusiast Rich Amor-Wilkes.

Together we cover topics including –

  • How we can overcome our fear of being on camera
  • What we can learn about this from Freddie Mercury
  • Why internet trolls are nothing to worry about –
    • – and are actually helpful!
  • How to remember what you want to say on camera

and a whole lot more!

About My Guest

Film Producer and Outdoor Enthusiast

My goal is to inspire others to live a life full of adventure

I’m Rich. I’m a film producer, but I also enjoy running and climbing mountains.

I love being outdoors, amongst the trees and the wilderness, exposed to the elements. Nature gives me a sense of calm, but also a sense of adventure and a sense of purpose.

My love for the outdoors and capturing the world around me came from my childhood. If I wasn’t climbing trees or lumps of rock in North Wales, I’d be taking pictures and recording videos on the family’s camcorder.

For a while, I turned my love of climbing into my job. I ran a successful tree business, but after reevaluating my life and where it was going, I decided to leave the comfort of an industry I knew well for my own sanity. I branched out into making corporate films for businesses and for myself, because I would get real enjoyment from capturing the world around me, and telling stories of adventure and survival.

Telling stories is what makes us human. But I personally find storytelling using words alone difficult. I’m not a public speaker, and I’m a little bit introverted, so I struggle talking to groups. However, I am good behind a camera and I use images to tell a story. To me, video is a collection of moving images, shots, and sounds carefully crafted to tell a story.

I find it inspiring to hear what humans are capable of and what we can achieve. Our lives are full of adventure, from our first steps, to stepping into new experiences. From climbing mountains to climbing social circles. From the first day at work to launching a new business.

Adventure is in all of us every day, and my goal is to inspire others to live a life of adventure.

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