The One With Lovelda Vincenzi
The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The One With Lovelda Vincenzi

About This Episode

My guest this week is a very accomplished and internationally renown professional speaker, coach, moderator, MC, and all-round nice lady. She has worked with people like Tom Daley, Monika Lewinsky, and countless others.

She also has her on TV show on AlbaUK TV, although we didn’t get to touch much on that in this episode.

Naturally, we touched on topics such as building a speaking business, how to get found, booked and paid for speaking gigs, how speaking can grow your business.

But more importantly than that, we explored the lady behind it all, and we learned a lot about who Lovelda is and how she came to find herself working with all these amazing people on all these glamorous stages around the world – it was quite the inspirational conversation!

As always, you can listen to this episode via the audio above, or if you prefer to watch us having a chat then there’s the video version of it  below.


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