The one with Deborah Meredith

Let’s talk all about business lessons which we can get from the Rapid Growth and Insolvency of my guest’s business, including a lot about dealing with psychological abuse…

That’s the topic today, with my guest Deborah Meredith who has been through exactly that.

Join us as together we learn what happened, how Deborah got through all of these, and how she not only grew stronger as a result, but how she now helps a great many people who are facing psychological abuse.

Among the things we look are are –

  • Why you should always trust your gut (psychological abuse).
  • How Steve Jobs was right and it’s possible to join the dots looking back.
  • Opening the global conversation around psychological abuse
  • Anything is possible with the right mindset and motivation
  • Your past doesn’t define your future but it can help to inform it.

Deborah Meredith

Producer, Director, Scriptwriter, Actor & Author.

Having turned down the offer of a place at RADA, live took Deborah on a journey away from her dreams of performing, but performing never left herald eventually she came back to it, worked her way up, and attained her Equity Card (at an age when most would probably be considering leaving the profession!).

In the intervening years, she built a very successful business, which grew rapidly and then crashed even more rapidly. Behind the crash? Psychological abuse from an unexpected source. This has set the scene for Deborah’s future work, as she helps others to come to terms with such abuse, and to enable them to move beyond it and to grow.

Deborah has written and published 2 books: Whatever it Takes: Living With, Leaving and Surviving Psychological Abuse, and Create Your Blockbuster Life: How to Step Out of the Wings into YOUR Spotlight.

Originally written as 1 book, the books cover her story from the start of her first business when her son was a few months old, to the collapse of the business and her marriage. How things went from bad to worse until she learned how to create her own Blockbuster Life.

Keith Blakemore-Noble is the creator and host of The Confidence Alchemist Radio Show.

As The Confidence Alchemist, he helps performers to transform their deepest fears into their greatest strengths. For some this is conquering their social phobia around meeting strangers, for others it is beating the fear of stepping up their career into perhaps a managerial role; for yet others it is all about finding their own confidence to be them and enjoy living the life they always wanted to live but were too scared to dare.

He knows a thing of two about conquering fears and phobias and developing confidence – for far too many years he himself was painfully shy, crushingly lonely as a result, and his career hit its limits because of this. He started studying cutting edge neurosciences, conquered his “stuff”, and because The Confidence Alchemist – he has subsequently spoken to groups small and large (up to 800) in multiple countries across 3 different continents, sharing insights into how we can all become truly confident in all areas of our lives.

He has compiled and published several books and is in the process of writing his own book on confidence during 2018/9. He also occasionally performs his popular hypnosis and card magic show to thrilled audiences.

Inspired by the international best-selling book series of the same name, Winning in Life and Work is designed to help us all to step up our game and to maximise our ability to achieve success and even mastery of life and of work.

Sometimes challenging, sometimes intriguing, sometimes humorous, this show features a wide variety of guests hand-selected by the creator of both the books and this show, Keith Blakemore-Noble.

By carefully encouraging each guest to share their own story, we gain an insight into what they have learned about Winning, and we can use this to help us all discover the secrets of success, uncover how to master new beginnings, and a whole lot more.

Winning in Life and Work
Winning in Life and Work
The one with Deborah Meredith

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