Why Do We Smoke?

  • It’s smelly.
  • It costs a fortune.
  • It’s anti-social.
  • And it slowly kills.

We know all of this, and yet so many of us still smoke.


We attempt to convince ourselves that it’s not our fault, that it’s an addiction, that we can’t quit as it’ll always draw us back…

But the reality is, quitting is a lot easier than you think!

Which is where I come in.

It’s not an addiction, it’s simply a habit. And with the right mindset, like all habits, it can be changed. Very quickly indeed.

How Mindset Helps

When you get your mindset locked on target, everything else falls in to place. It’s that fundamental.

Smoking is fundamentally a habit. A ver pernicious habit, one which is very good at preserving itself and making you think you have no alternatives. But it is just a habit.

We’ve probably all heard stories of people who have successfully quit smoking by going “cold turkey” – they just decide to stop, and never light up.

We’ve probably all also heard stories of people who have quit smoking and started again, repeating that cycle many times.

What’s the difference?


When your drive to be a non-smoker is strong enough, no amount of temptation will trick you into smoking again.

For some people, it’s just giving that extra little will-power boost.

For other people, there are deeper drivers to keep them smoking – even though they know it’s killing them, they get some hidden benefit from smoking, so their unconscious mind keeps them smoking to get that benefit (it might be the socialising aspect, or it might be smoking gets them a break from work, or any number of possibilities). By uncovering those hidden benefits and offering their unconscious mind alternative ways of getting them, it loses its desire to smoke, and quitting becomes easy.

Mindset is also key to avoiding relapses, and that forms a core part of our work together, to ensure you just never get sufficient urge to start smoking again.

It’s all in the mind” they say.

Whether that’s true or not, what is true is that the right mindset makes all the difference between being stuck on the treadmill of continual yoyo dieting, and enjoying being the weight you want to be while living the lifestyle you want to live.

The Freedom From Smoking Process

The process takes a single session, which typically lasts about an hour. This can be done via telephone or Skype, or if mutually convenient it can be done in the comfort of your own home. The entire process is completely painless and a lot of fun. And your phobia? Gone for good.

We And Out Why You Want To Quit

Different people have different reasons, and when we dig really deep into YOUR reasons, we start to form a very powerful base upon which to build the new non-smoking you.

We discover what specifically about these things triggers your phobia.

This tells us how you “do” the phobia and what tells you it’s time to “do” it. Armed with this information we work together to painlessly change your unconscious “strategies” around your approach to life to prevent the phobia from being able to trigger.

We uncover how you learned to be scared.

All phobias are learned responses, and by carefully uncovering how you learned this behaviour, we can then install new behaviours – this is always a lot of fun, most people end up laughing during this part! Don’t worry if you have no idea at the moment where you learned your phobia, many people don’t.

Together we reprogram your unconscious.

Building on the work from the first 3 stages, we help your unconscious to effortlessly learn new ways of behaving which, once installed, happen automatically so you do not even have to think about using them. Just like a scratched record will never play the same way, nor will your fears – bye bye phobia!

Important Note

This whole process isn’t something I “do” to you – it is something which you do under my guidance. You must want to conquer your habit, and you must be serious about wanting the results. It is essential that you participate fully and do everything asked of you. If you do, then you will leave our session as a non-smoker.

How Many Sessions?

Two sessions plus a worksheet and a 7-day assignment which must both be completed and submitted before our first session – this is essential, if it’s not done, the session doesn’t go ahead so as not to waste your and my time.

Each session is typically 60 minutes long (45 – 75 realistically), all done via Zoom so you can do this from the comfort and safety of your own home.

I’ve been using Zoom (and before that Skype) to great success with clients around the globe for many years, long before recent events, so you can be sure we are using tried and testing methods here.

I use a blend of techniques and tools – from coaching through NLP to hypnosis, every time tailored to your specific needs. Doesn’t mean we’ll use them all, if it’s not needed.

Pre-session Worksheet

Before we get to our first session, you have some work to do.

You’ll receive a detailed worksheet, to be completed fully, as well as an assignment which you must carry out for at least 7 consecutive days prior to our first session. This is essential!

Session One

Here we take everything from your worksheet, the results of your assignment, and bring it all together with an intensive hour of mindset work drawing upon relevant tools from the fields of coaching, NLP, and hypnosis.

You leave this session already a non-smoker.

Session Two

This takes place 24 hours after your first session.

We review how your 24 hours have been, explore your new-found non-smoker status, and set you up for the coming weeks and months and years of life as a successful non-smoker.

Does It Work?

Becoming a non-smoker can be a very personal thing for many – once they are a non-smoker they don’t want to publicly announce they used to be a smoker. Which means in many cases, a public testimonial is out of the question – I absolutely respect your privacy at ll times.

However, this process does work, very successfully so, as you can see and hear in this video, recorded with Noel Williams 4 months after he worked with me to quit for good – in those 4 months he has saved himself around £2,500, and even now months later he is still enjoying being a non-smoker and saving himself a fortune!

Ongoing Support

For most people, once they have completed their Freedom From Smoking program, they are good to go as a life-long non-smoker, mindset locked in, and all is well.

However, some people feel they would benefit from just a little extra light steering especially in the initial months.

Which is where Ongoing Support comes in.

It has two components, designed to help you stay on track, and to add any course-corrections swiftly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss.

Part one is the monthly Progress Worksheet. This keeps you in touch with your goals, help keep you on course, and for those rare occasions where you feel you may have slipped, it provides a quick, early, and easy way to track this, alerting you to it before it becomes a problem.

Part two is the monthly 15 minute Zoom session, where we sort whatever needs sorting based on your worksheet, and if there’s nothing untoward that month, then it’s a good 15 minute hypnosis session to boost your mindset and bolster your ability to remain confidently and resolutely on target.

Available both on a pay-monthly basis, and on a 6-month package for a discount. Take as many or as few as you feel you need.

Important note – these are only to keep you on track, and thus can only be taken once you’ve completed your Freedom From Smoking program. They can only be used for issues related to your goals from that program – specifically they can’t be used to address any other non-related issues which arise, due to the short time and tight focus.

Freedom From Smoking and Ongoing Support

Freedom From Smoking

Complete package

Pre-session worksheet

Pre-session 7-day assignment

2 x 60 minute Zoom sessions

Optional customised hypnosis track

Ongoing Support

Monthly basis

Available after Freedom From Smoking program

Monthly basis

1 check-in worksheet monthly

1 x 15 minute Zoom session monthly

Ongoing Support

6 month paid-in-advance pack

Available after Freedom From Smoking program

Monthly basis

1 check-in worksheet monthly

1 x 15 minute Zoom session monthly

Take Your First Step To Freedom from Smoking