The One With Angus Baskerville

The One With Angus Baskerville

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The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show
The One With Angus Baskerville
Magic and autism. Two topics on which my guest is very passionate this episode, and with great reason. Have a listen to find out more.

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About This Episode

My guest this week grew up in South Africa with undiagnosed autism which, as you might imaging, made for a difficult start in life. It certainly did him no favours in terms of his confidence, his ability to socialise, and a whole lot more.

Until he discovered magic.

Join us as we learn how Angus used his new-found love of magic to enable him to develop his confidence and his social skills, and how he learned to live with his autism.

We also take a look at Angus’s business, how he built and grew it, and where he wants to take it in the future, as well as the people he is helping along the way.

About My Guest

Angus Baskerville is a professional, award-winning magician and mentalist and a member of The Magic Circle.

He is an accomplished stage performer and has performed on stage at a variety of high profile events including, Autism’s Got Talent, Ventnor Fringe Festival and Edinburgh Fringe. He has also entertained celebrity guests such as, Jasper Carrott, Frank Bruno MBE, Patsy Kensit, Sir Mo Farah OBE, and Richard E Grant to name a few.

Angus is also a close-up magician and travels all over the UK where he offers spellbinding entertainment at weddings, corporate events, private parties, functions, promotions, balls, and birthday celebrations for all ages.

Angus also is an advocate for autism awareness, and delivers talks at conferences about growing up with autism and how magic has helped him.

You can find connect with Angus at –

Facebook: @angusbaskervillemagic
Instagram: @angusbmagician1
Twitter: @AngusBaskervil1
LinkedIn: @AngusBaskerville

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