The 3 Components To Successful Weightloss


Exercise. Keep-fit. The gym. However it looks for you, there is a significant physical component to good weight management. Whilst I can’t suggest what exercises to follow (I can recommend some great personal trainers), I can absolutely help you cultivate the right mindset to stick with whatever fitness regime you follow.


You are what you eat, as the saying goes. And a key component of successfully losing weight and keeping your weight down is balanced nutrition. While I can’t give you nutrition advice or meal-plans, I absolutely can help you to develop the habit of better eating, to remove cravings, and to cut out unhelpful snacking.


Perhaps the most overlooked aspect – a good mindset! Call it mindset, will-power, determination – call it whatever you want, it is key. And this is where I come in! I can help you cultivate that mindset which makes it easy for you to eat well, to exercise even when you don’t feel like it, and to keep your weight where you want it.

How Mindset Helps

When you get your mindset locked on target, everything else falls in to place. It’s that fundamental.

How this looks will vary from person to person (there is no one-size-fits-all here, everything is tailored to your individual needs), some examples of how it looks for different people include –

  • Make a food or drink seem so horrible you never touch it again – imagine if you were able to just never touch chocolate again, and not miss it! Or crisps. Or cola. Or… well, any food or drink, especially if you find you overindulge without thinking about it – adjust your mindset so that you never touch it again, and you don’t even miss it.
  • Meal discipline. We know we “should” have 3 meals a day, but so many of us skip one or more each day and wonder why we end up snacking or binging. Some simple mindset tweaks mean that those 3 square meals a day becomes a fundamental habit and a pleasure, rather than a chore.
  • It’s OK to stop eating. For many, it is almost impossible to be able to stop eating while there is still food on the plate. What if you could adjust your mindset so that you feel good about stopping eating before you get full, even if it means occasionally leaving food on the plate? Your health will thank you for it, and it’s all part of our mindset work.
  • No More Snax. You carefully plan, prepare, and enjoy 3 meals a day. You have a solid exercise regime. And then you undo it all by snacking, often without even realising you are doing it. Sound familiar? I’ve helped a lot of clients to completely eliminate snacking over the years, and you can imagine the benefits to their waistline (not to mention their wallet).
  • Mental Discipline to help with the Mental and Nutritional components. With the right mindset, with the right positive mental attitude, you can make massive and consistent strides on both of those areas. What might otherwise seem to be massive challenges become nothing more than minor obstacles to be smashed as you power through to achieving and maintaining your ideal weight and lifestyle.

It’s all in the mind” they say.

Whether that’s true or not, what is true is that the right mindset makes all the difference between being stuck on the treadmill of continual yoyo dieting, and enjoying being the weight you want to be while living the lifestyle you want to live.

The Freedom From Weight Process

The Freedom From Weight process is tailored to your specific needs and situation. There is no one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter approach, everything is designed around you, your situation, and what you want to achieve.

Which means we work together on the exact things which you need to work on, so you get the results that you want. Quickly and permanently.

There is an overall structure to my approach, of course, which is broadly summarised as

Define exactly what you want (and it’s often not what you think!)

Before we can successfully embark on any form of weightloss work, we need to know exactly what your goals are and what you are looking to achieve. This forms the basis of the entire program, and helps us to see how fantastically well you are keeping on track.

Determine what you need to enable you to get what you want

Now we know what you want, and where you are, we work out everything you need to get you there and, perhaps more importantly, to enable you to keep yourself there.

Create a Plan to make that happen.

The next step is to create a plan of how exactly to get you there. We look at all the steps which are needed, both steps in our session(s), and steps for you afterwards.

Together we reprogram your unconscious.

Building on the work from the first 3 stages, we help your unconscious to effortlessly learn new ways of behaving which, once installed, happen automatically so you do not even have to think about using them. These are the new, empowering behaviours which become part of the New You, and help you to not only reach your ideal weight and outcomes, but keep them for good.

Follow-up If Required

Many people find their session(s) are everything they need, and once we are finished they have everything they need to keep them on track permanently.

However, some people feel that they woudl benefit from a little light ongoing support – a gentle tweak here and there to fine-tune things. This is absolutely an option for those who need it, and is covered in Ongoing Support.

Important Note

This whole process isn’t something I “do” to you – it is something which you do under my guidance. You must want to conquer your phobia, and you must be serious about wanting the results. It is essential that you participate fully and do everything asked of you. If you do, then you will leave not being able to be scared of that old thing anymore, no matter how hard you try!

How Many Sessions?

This depends entirely upon what you are looking to achieve and the help you are looking to get from me.

1-off Session

For more straight-forward things (such as “Everything is good, if only I could stop eating fry-ups”), we can sort it al in a single session.

3 Month Package

For more in-depth work, 3 monthly sessions give us enough time to properly work through everything, and to make sure it is all on track.

6 Month Package

In some cases, where there is a lot of work to be done, a 6 month package of 6 sessions plus support in between is the winner.

How They Work

Each session is typically 60 minutes (realistically 45 – 75 minutes depending on how it goes), via Zoom, so you can take them in the safety and comfort of your own home. I’ve been using Zoom (and before that Skype) to great success with clients around the globe for many years, long before recent events, so you can be sure we are using tried and testing methods here.

Prior to each session, you will have a worksheet to complete – this is an essential part of the program, to the extent that if you don’t complete and return your worksheet, we do not do the session (it would be a complete waste of your and my time).

I use a blend of techniques and tools – from coaching through NLP to hypnosis, every time tailored to your specific needs. Doesn’t mean we’ll use them all, if it’s not needed.

And when you are on the 6 month program, you’ll also get a custom-recorded hypnosis track for you to listen to any time you like, to help you really cement your new mindset.

Does It Work?

Absolutely! I have helped a lot of people to control their weight over the years, ranging from cutting out snacking, to stopping eating or drinking certain foods, to eating properly, to building a cast-iron mindset around their exercise regime, and more. I’ve even used these tools on myself as you’ll see below.

Of course, weight being a very personal thing, many people prefer not to go public about the work they’ve done, and I absolutely respect their privacy at ll times. This is why there are perhaps fewer testimonials than you might expect, I will only ever hare them when my client is happy to be identified, such as in these examples…

I was on a weight loss programme for a while which was mainly going OK but I had a problem with giving up crisps. I spoke with Keith about this and we had a single session together which was good fun.  Since then, I have not touched so much as a single crisp; at home now, instead of reaching for a bag of crisps at night, I reach for an apple or a carrot or some fruit instead, and I feel much better for it.

– Shelley, Berkshire.

I weighed 120kg, was addicted to Coke (other brands of cola are, of course, available!), and desperately needed to lose weight; a significant amount of weight. So I used a couple of the techniques I use with others to completely eliminate my desire for drinking cola, and 6 months later I’d lost 22kg! That was 11 years ago, and I’m still below 100kg. Without going to the gym and without dieting.

Me! Yes, I have used this on myself too to great effect.

Ongoing Support

For most people, once they have completed their Freedom From Weight program (1, 3, or 6 months), they are good to go, weight under control, mindset locked in, and all is well.

However, some people feel they would benefit from just a little extra light steering especially in the initial months.

Which is where Ongoing Support comes in.

It has two components, designed to help you stay on track, and to add any course-corrections swiftly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss.

Part one is the monthly Progress Worksheet. This keeps you in touch with your goals, help keep you on course, and for those rare occasions where you feel you may have slipped, it provides a quick, early, and easy way to track this, alerting you to it before it becomes a problem.

Part two is the monthly 15 minute Zoom session, where we sort whatever needs sorting based on your worksheet, and if there’s nothing untoward that month, then it’s a good 15 minute hypnosis session to boost your mindset and bolster your ability to remain confidently and resolutely on target.

Available both on a pay-monthly basis, and on a 6-month package for a discount. Take as many or as few as you feel you need.

Important note – these are only to keep you on track, and thus can only be taken once you’ve completed your Freedom From Weight program. They can only be used for issues related to your goals from that program – specifically they can’t be used to address any other non-related issues which arise, due to the short time and tight focus.

Freedom From Weight - your options

1 off session

Single session to target a single issue

Pre-session worksheet

60 minute Zoom session

3 Month Program

3 months to get you on target

Initial call to set up expectations

3 x 60 minute Zoom calls

Email support in-between calls

Includes 1 month of Ongoing Support program

6 Month Package

6 months to nail your long-term target

Initial call to set up expectations

6 x 60 minute Zoom calls (1 per month)

Email support in-between calls

Custom hypnosis track to use whenever you need it

Includes 2 months of Ongoing Support program

Ongoing Support - your options

Ongoing Support

Monthly basis

Available after Freedom From Weight program

Monthly basis

1 check-in worksheet monthly

1 x 15 minute Zoom session monthly

Ongoing Support

6 month paid-in-advance pack

Available after Freedom From Weight program

Monthly basis

1 check-in worksheet monthly

1 x 15 minute Zoom session monthly

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