The 100th One With Gary Jones

100th episode so let's discuss tips for starting a successful podcast, lessons from the MCU, and the importance of community and consistency.

The One About Growth Mindset

Let's explore the difference between fixed and growth mindsets, and look at how and why we can create our own Growth Mindset.


We can all face overwhelm, especially in today's highly connected, fast-paced life. Let's take 5 minutes out to put things in perspective...

The One With David Baum

In this episode we are joined by the Man In A Tutu and founder of Move for Wellness, David Baum, who explains all...


A slightly different meditation, use this one as you lie in bed to help you relax and drift off to a relaxing restful sleep...

Inner Child

Let's take some time out of our busy day to reconnect with our Inner Child. To reassure it, to listen to it, to bond with it.


Journey up a mountain and connect with nature. Cultivate mindfulness, gratitude, and inner peace. That's this 5 Minute Meditation.

Body Gratitude

Most of us take our body for granted, only paying it attention when something goes wrong. Let's give our body some well-deserved gratitude!


Sometimes we all need to be grounded, reattached to the Earth. That's what we do in this easy guided 5 minute meditation.

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