A short meditation to help to let go and start to overcome grief from a loss, whether it’s of a person or a relationship.

Loving Kindness

The Buddha says that hatred cannot coexist with love and kindness.
Let’s practise some loving kindness in today’s meditation.


We so often use meditation t help us relax, today let’s explore using meditation to fill us with energy for the day ahead!


“I think therefore I am”. It’s one of the most powerful sentences ever created. But how do we KNOW we exist? Let’s start to explore that in this meditation.


Despite our best intentions, sometimes we still experience anger – this meditation helps us to remove that anger when it visits.


Let’s meditate on calmness, and give ourselves a way to quickly and powerfully return us to a state of calmness whenever we most need it.


Join us in this meditation as we explore our own personal connections and interactions with time, so we can make better use of whatever time we have.

Bodily Awareness

Often we focus our meditation on awareness of our mind, this time let’s focus on awareness of our body.

Detaching from Thoughts

In this meditation we develop our ability to detach from thoughts, no matter how much they arise or change – a very useful ability to cultivate!

Being Present

Meditation can really help us to Be Present, and that’s what this meditation does. Let’s take 5 minutes out and Be Present…