I have trained and certified countless people in disciplines including coaching, hypnosis, NLP, and speaking from stage, around the globe inlaces as diverse as Los Angeles, New York, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore.

This has included training people to be able to train others.

Soon I am returning to training and launching a brand new bespoke set of trainings which will incorporate the latest developments, as well as time-proven stalwarts, of coaching including, of course, hypnosis and NLP, and a whole lot more.

These trainings are organised into three levels, to provide the full range covering your needs whether they are just an interest in the tools, using them to help individuals to make change, or even using them in group form or beyond.

Each set of training takes a methodical approach to ensure everything is covered in a detailed and efficient way, which means that every student is able to fully appreciate and understand every section, seeing how they all fit together precisely to provide the complete suite of tools.

The training includes both detailed theoretical study plus methodical practical exercises to understand how each process works.

This is not the old style of “Practitioner” and “Master Practitioner” training.

Why not?

The problem with those is that it is a marketing trick. They are effectively a single NLP course, split into two courses to give the illusion of lower costs.

Unfortunately, those who graduate from Practitioner Level find they have an incomplete level of training, without the complete set of skills to be able to use them in a meaningful way. I’ve seen this in a lot of trainings out there over the past 10 years.

So the way I am structuring things is a little different.

Yes, if you want to be a full coach using NLP and hypnosis to help others then two courses are needed – there’s no getting away from he fact that there is a lot of content to cover!

That said, the two are designed such that if you only attend the first level, you sill come away with very usable tools and skills.

Think of it this way –

  • Level 1 gives you the skills and tools you need to use this stuff to make changes in yourself.
  • Level 2 builds on this to give you the skills and tools to coach others in a 1-on-1 format.
  • Level 3 takes it a stage further to give the skills for leading others to change in a group format.

Beyond these levels there are of course various options, including Trainer level, where you get trained to be a Trainer of these tools.

Course Levels

Level 1

Covers the techniques themselves, focusing mainly on teaching NLP fundamentals and techniques, plus introduction to hypnosis.
Covers what these tools are, what they are not, the basis upon which they work, as well as exploring a wide range of the more common and powerful tools and techniques.

Level 2

Fills in more advanced techniques, and teaches coaching – taking the tools from Level 1 to build a coaching framework for individual clients. A lot of the focus is on how to effectively coach, how to get to the root of a client’s situation, to create a relevant intervention, to deliver it, and the followup work necessary. Covers both one-off single-issue work, and ongoing coaching (two different disciplines).
Several of the topics covered in Level 1 are revisited in more depth, to a more advanced level, building upon the rest of the work developed in level 1.

Level 3

Further deep refinements and distinctions of the concepts from 1 and 2, enabling the participants to begin to develop their own techniques. Also covers using the tools with groups (e.g. from the stage for talks, or in the written word for books and marketing, or even in group coaching sessions.)

Can’t We Just Do It Online?

Yes and no.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to teach the theory online (I’ve done that many times in the past), and to do online demonstrations, etc.

However, a vital part of training includes practical implementation and analysis of what you’ve learned – i.e. I teach, you do, we debrief.

That is a fundamental, non-negotiable, and with the best will in the world online does not offer a full replacement for that.

I mean yes, the tools and techniques you will learn can be used online (a great many off my clients have worked with me via Skype and Zoom, since long before most people had ever heard of either!), but you absolutely need the in-person practise first to get the best learning. Plus with us all being physically present, I can offer you levels of support way beyond anything possible online.


If you are interested in either Level 1 or Levels 1&2, then let me know asap. Also let me know how definite your interest level is – “vaguely curious”, “definite strong interest”, “tell me when to pay and I’m there” – to help me gauge accordingly!

Not looking for financial commitment right now, but I do need to get a good idea of how much interest there is for this so I can plan and schedule everything as appropriate, as well as keeping you updated with progress.

Initial NLP interest (#12)

Donna Hudson

Keith Blakemore-Noble is definitely one of a kind; he’s in a league all by himself.

Joe Vazquez
London, UK

I worked with Keith during the NLP trainings and he is very passionate about NLP and helping people achieve their goals.

Arden Hart
Music Director, Sister Sledge keyboardist

Keith is a fantastic trainer and a mesmerising speaker, his knowledge and approach in his field is second to none… highly recommended.

Madonna Barr
NSW, Australia

Thank you Keith, you are the most compassionate and encouraging Trainer I have ever worked with! It was epic!