Winning in Life and Work : The Radio Show
Inspired by the international best-selling book series of the same name, Winning in Life and Work is designed to help us all to step up our game and to maximise our ability to achieve success and even mastery of life and of work.
Sometimes challenging, sometimes intriguing, sometimes humorous, this show features a wide variety of guests hand-selected by the creator of both the books and this show, Keith Blakemore-Noble.
By carefully encouraging each guest to share their own story, we gain an insight into what they have learned about Winning, and we can use this to help us all discover the secrets of success, uncover how to master new beginnings, and a whole lot more.
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The Confidence Alchemist Radio Show is broadcast weekly on radio, or you can catch up with every episode via catch-up/podcast/video, or right here on this very page!




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You can catch every single episode, together with show notes, information and contact details for each guest, and more, by selecting each episode below.

The one with Mike Graham

The one with Mike Graham

Do you want to learn how to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be? Do you want to learn how to be MORE? Do you know what the greatest self-gift we can receive actually is?

Join me and my special guest Mike Graham who is the founder of “Legacy – Journey to Ironman” and has a very interesting journey to share with us!

The one with Stephen Jones

The one with Stephen Jones

Do you know the secret of selling? Don’t sell! Sounds counter-intuitive, but it really is the secret.

In this episode I am joined by The Business Disruptor himself, Stephen Jones, who shares how to build a complete sales process enabling you to monitor, track, and adjust your sales, plus a whole lot more (like how to sell in 2 calls!)

The one with Jo Howarth

The one with Jo Howarth

Let’s talk Happiness! More specifically, let’s talk all about how to be happy, why it’s important to be happy and what you can do to choose happiness in your life. We could all do with a little more happiness in life, couldn’t we? At some level?

This episode I am joined by the Queen of Happiness herself, Jo Howarth

The one with Jim J Doyle

The one with Jim J Doyle

Have you ever wondered how to re-ignite the passion in your life and career? Or wondered why we seem to so easily get stuck and to disappoint ourselves? And once we are in that situation, how DO we light our fire and move forward?

I am joined by Jim J Doyle who specialises in helping people to do exactly that!

The one with Simone Vincenzi

The one with Simone Vincenzi

What is your Purpose? Do you know it deeply? Have you nailed yours? Do you have a vague awareness of what it might be? Or are you (like probably most people) completely clueless as to what a Purpose is, let alone what yours might be?

Join me as I talk Purpose with The Purpose Strategist himself, Simone Vincenzi.

The one with Patrick White

How can you set up a successful consultancy when you don’t know anyone? How do you work spot good networking opportunities among the bad ones? Why are relationships king?

Join me as I chat about all of this and so much more with my highly successful multi-millionaire businessman guest Patrick White!

The one with Kim Barrett

Social media. It can be an absolute blessing, or a total minefield; often at the same time! How do you successfully use it? Should you be on every platform? Or just some? And how do you decide?

In this episode I am joined by social media expert Kim Barrett from Australia, who helps us to navigate this tricky path.

The one with Lourdes Katague

What is it like to uproot your life and move to a new country? One where you know virtually nobody? One where your qualifications may not even be recognised? How on earth do you make the most of such a new beginning?

My guest did exactly that – join us to find out how she did it and now helps others to do the same.

The one with Michael Beeson

You don’t have to have lived to a ripe old age to have benefited from the secrets of success nor to have created something powerful in your life.

While creation of the 3rd Winning in Life and Work book, Keith caught up with the then 18-year old Michael Beeson who had already achieved a lot in his life to find out more.

The one with Calvin Coyles

Keith catches up with his friend the award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, and best selling author Calvin Coyles for a chat about business development, growth, planning, starting up, and lots more!

They also touch on their international best-seller, Winning in Life and Work : New Beginnings.

The one with Chris Howard

In this episode, Keith Blakemore-Noble talks with Chris Howard about making a massive impact while living life to the full.

Chris has achieved extraordinary business success as a Social Entrepreneur, Transformational Speaker, Author, Coach and Life-Style and Wealth Strategist in a career spanning over two decades.