The Confidence Alchemist™ Radio Show
The Confidence Alchemist™ Radio Show is brought to you by the bow-tie wearing radio host, hypnotist & magician, best-selling author, Confidence Alchemist, phobia expert, and global speaker himself, Keith Blakemore-Noble.
Always with the same aim – to Transform your Deepest Fears into your Greatest Strengths – some episodes will feature Keith discussing confidence-related topics with a variety of global guests, whilst in other episodes Keith will share useful information and helpful tips.
Whether you catch my guests and me every Thursday on radio, on video, or via the replays or as a podcast, the only important thing is to let the wealth of life experience, coupled with real-world science-based proven technologies, be your powerful guide on your journey toward transforming your deepest fears into your greatest strengths…
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The Confidence Alchemist Radio Show is broadcast weekly on two radio stations, or you can catch up with every episode via catch-up/podcast, or right here on this very page!



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You can catch every single episode, together with show notes, information and contact details for each guest, and more, by selecting each episode below.

Mind : Body : Results

Mind : Body : Results

Ever wished there was a better way to get the results you want, be they physical or mental? You are far from alone. Which is why I have teamed up with two other Scottish experts to do something a little different.

What are we doing? That’s what we’re discussing in this episode – join us to find out more!

Helping the Homeless

Helping the Homeless

Too many people these days are homeless, and too little is done to understand or help them. Judging them and condemning them is all to easy, but what’s the reality of their situation?

Join my guest David Heffernan as he discusses their plight, and what we can all do to help these people.

Pantomime Confidence

Pantomime Confidence

Pantomime is great for audiences, but what about for those involved, both on stage and back stage? What lessons for life and business can be gleaned from writing and producing one?

Join me as I discuss exactly this with David & Lara Beach, local business people who took on the task of writing and directing a pantomime.

Performance Learnings

Performance Learnings

Many people harbour secret, or even not-so-secret, ambitions about becoming a performer, until life gets in the way.

BUT what happens when you let life know that you WILL be pursuing your ambitions in some form? Join me as I chat about this with Deborah Meredith who has made that journey.

Myth Busting

Myth Busting

As with every industry, the personal development field has a lot of myths.

Keith takes a look at a few of these, analyses why they are wrong, and discusses the danger they would pose to us if we accepted them as the truth. He also shares what we can actually usefully take from each of them.

Confidence Modelling

Confidence Modelling

We’ve had a look recently at some basic tips for boosting confidence, now it’s time to step things up a level and get serious about the whole Confidence thing!

One of the most powerful techniques we have, which comes directly from the world of NLP, is “modelling”.

Confidence Tips part 2

Confidence Tips part 2

Ever wished you could tap into more confidence quickly and effortlessly? Then you are in luck!

As The Confidence Alchemist Keith is regularly asked for quick tips, so in the second of a 2-part special, Keith delves into his bag-of-tricks and shares some of his most powerful and instatly-accessible confidence tips.

Confidence Tips part 1

Confidence Tips part 1

Ever wished you could tap into more confidence quickly and effortlessly? Then you are in luck!

As The Confidence Alchemist Keith is regularly asked for quick tips, so in the first of a 2-part special, Keith delves into his bag-of-tricks and shares some of his most powerful and instatly-accessible confidence tips.

How We Miss-see The World

How We Miss-see The World

We do not see the world as it is! Which can cause us massive problems as we try to deal with things which are not there, and fail to spot the things which are!

Join me this week as I take us on a journey to explore how we make these massive mistakes, and what we can do to reduce them.

Television Confidence

Television Confidence

Actress and reality TV star Franny Treymaine shares her experiences of being on the hit BBC2 reality TV show “Love In The Countryside”.

She talks about the lessons she learned while appearing on the show, how life has grown for her as a result, and how working with The Confidence Alchemist beforehand made such a difference.

It’s Not Your Fault!

It’s Not Your Fault!

Nothing is your fault. However, everything is your responsibility! But what do we actually mean by fault and responsibility? What do they have to do with cause and effect?

And how can we use all of those to take control of our own lives? Join me in this episode of my radio show to find out the answers!

Performing Confidence

Performing Confidence

For actors, actresses, singers, and others performers, confidence is a massive requirement. Because without it, even the most talented performer will never get very far.

But why do some have an abundance of it, while others seem to have none? And can that change? Find out the ins and outs of it all in this episode.

Selling with Confidence

Selling with Confidence

We all need to be able to sell in life – from stage, via adverts, to potential clients, or even simply selling your friends on the idea of seeing the film you want to see at the cinema for a change! Yet sales so often has a very bad reputation.

So how can we be good at sales and still remain ethical humans?

Meditative Confidence

My guest has 3 core things to share with us about using awareness, self-approval, and authentic desire to reduce stress, anxiety, and fear, and through this create more clarity, harmony and excitement in your life.

He does this by teaching third eye based meditation practices which he shares here.

Networking Confidence

Networking can be a great way to meet more people and grow your influence, but it can also be scary. So imagine what it’s like trying to do that having moved to a different country where the only people you know there are your immediate family!

I am joined by Michael Nagles who tells us how he did just that and not only survived, but thrived!

The Science of Change

“Change your mind – change your life” But how can we change? Is change even possible?

Join Keith as he explores the science of change. During this hour of discovery, he takes a look at why we think the things we think, and takes us through his 6 step process for guaranteeing powerful and lasting change.

Catalysing Growth

Ever felt “stuck” in your career, your business, your life?

I am joined by The Change Catalyst DJ Sobanjo who specialises in helping coaches and business owners to make those exact sort of breakthroughs in their careers and businesses, and he is going to share some of the key things they do with you.

Next Level Speaking

One of the really big things that limits brilliant people from realising their potential is lack of speaking confidence.

Whether you are a stutterer, or have other speaking challenges and fears, my guest Andrew Hodge will bring you some very interesting insights into how you can live with, and even overcome, these.

From Zero To Authentic Hero

Everyone needs confidence, and Leaders are absolutely no exception!

My guest this week is Nick Bradley, founder of Mandala Leaders, who specialises in helping leaders to build the confidence they need, and he does this through his highly successful “Zero To Authentic Hero” process, which he shares here.

Game Changing

One thing we can be certain of in life is CHANGE. Whether change is happening to you, or you are deciding to make a change, in your career, your relationships, your health – you CAN be in charge.

In this episode I am joined by Olympian Annette Lynch, who will be sharing with us the secrets of being a Game Changer.


What is a phobia?
Do you know if you have a phobia?
Are you stuck because of it?
How do you conquer them?

The answers to these questions and more are right here as Keith Blakemore-Noble talks about Freedom From Phobia.

Supercharged Speaking

When we each use our voice to its fullest potential we have the ability to create and communicate with everyone in the most compelling way.

Unfortunately, the training of public speaking and communication is very much stuck in the 20th century. Join my guest Caroline King who can help us resolve this thorny issue!

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the maxim “like attracts like”. But is there anything to this “Law”? What’s actually going on? And why do so many people who apply it seem to get no clear results?

Keith is joined by Matt Kendall who gave a well received talk in London on this, but not in the way you might imagine or expect!

Discovery Call Magic

What do Dating, Parental control, and Job Interviews all have in common? They all involve selling! Whether we like it or not, we are all involved in selling, on a regular) basis.

Keith is joined by DJ Sobanjo who has a very cool way of dealing with the question of how to sell to people; he doesn’t sell to them!

Changing Perceptions of Dyslexia

Keith is joined by Kirk Pickstone, the International Dyslexic Superhero. During a fascinating and in-depth discussion about Kirk’s mission to Change Perceptions Of Dyslexia.

Kirk talks about his journey, explains why dyslexics are predisposed to being entrepreneurs, and discusses why they make great business owners.

Official Premier

Join Keith in this can’t-miss introduction and vision for his incredible new “The Confidence Alchemist™ Radio Show”

Keith guides us on an exploration of the sciences of the mind, where we discover why we are the way we are, why we can always change, how quick and easy change can truly be, and more.