It's Time To Start Winning in Life And Work


1 International Best-selling Series

All with the aim of helping you to start winning in Life and Work!

Mindset Master Keith Blakemore-Noble has brought together 52 international experts over this series of books, to help you to start winning in life and work.

Each expert has contributed a substantial and significant chapter – this is not your typical “2 or 3 pages per person” type of book!

Far from it.

Chapters are between 16 and 30 pages each (depending upon the author). And in each chapter they share some of their expert insights into a particular fascinating topic. Distilling their knowledge and experience so that we can all learn from it.

Click on a book below and explore what each one has to offer!

Available in paperback and ebook from all good bookshops and on all major ebook platforms, and also directly from me (paperback only)

Cover of Winning in Life and Work : Volume 1