I am a multi-time international best-selling author.

It all started when I brought some experts together to contribute to “Winning In Life And Work : Volume 1” which I compiled and published back in 2013; the Winning In Life And Work series has since grown to four volumes (so far).

In 2020 during the infamous Lockdown I wrote and published my first solo book “The Masks We Wear” which appeared on Amazon’s Hot New Releases list when it was launched.

In 2023 I released AntiManipulation, which exposes the trick, tools, and techniques the unscrupulous use to manipulate us into buying their stuff.

After that? Well, I do have further books in  various stages of development; who knows when or if they will be finished and released!

I have also contributed to three books – Ready, Aim, Captivate!, The Inspiration Bible, and Unsung Heroes.

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