Winning in Life and Work : Success Secrets

Winning in Life and Work : Success Secrets

Winning in Life and Work : Success Secrets

For many, life is a constant stream of challenges, obstacles, and setbacks. Here are 9 international experts sharing their own secrets of success.


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For too many people, life is a constant stream of challenges, obstacles, and setbacks. What makes it seem even worse is that while you struggle to get anywhere, others appear to rise effortlessly to the top.

Is There A Secret To Success?

Find out for yourself as Keith Blakemore-Noble brings together nine international experts to share with you their own secrets of success in this third volume in the international best-selling Winning In Life And Work series.

Learn from Powerful Tales of

  • Hardships Overcome
  • Challenges Met
  • Mindsets Changed
  • Dreams Lost and Won

So what are you waiting for?

  • Learn from our mistakes
  • Discover our success secrets
  • Start winning in Your life and work.

Praise for Winning in Life and Work: Success Secrets

“’Winning in Life and Work is quite simply inspirational.  Whilst reading it, I felt the author was speaking directly to ME.  Relevant, practical real-world examples of their experiences that will effect a change in mind-set when applied.

– Paul Hildreth,
founder of the sport of VX,

“What a pleasure and joy to read. Easy to relate to and jam-packed with insightful quotes, sayings and short stories. Lots of practical tips and exercises. Written and structured in a way that is fully accessible to those who want to read it all in one go as well as those who want bite size snippets of shared insights and tips. A fantastic resource, left me wanting more. Definitely recommend reading.”

– Shenade Windebank
Carers Support & Devel Mgr – Mental Health

“This book is incredible. It is written from a real working person’s point of view and will give you many truths to support you in developing clarity, awareness and growth. It provides both wisdom and knowledge and gives you tools and skills to manifest the change you wish to become.”

– Pippa Seeta OConnor BSc, MSc: (MBCT)
Mindfulness Senior Lecturer at the Priory Hospital & North London Buddhist Centre.
Trauma Focused Mindful Movement facilitator at The Tavistock & Portman Hospital London

“What I like most about this book is that it contains so much wisdom and condensed advice. I particularly enjoyed the chapter Find Your Balance Reclaim Your Time. I am a great advocate of its message that slowing down is the new speeding up. I love writings like this that give back more time than it takes us to read them many times over.”

– Tom Evans,
creator of Mindfulness-Based Time Management, author of Managing Time Mindfully

“As a Global Business Developer, I am always looking out for new insights into what helps people to win in their lives. Winning In Life And Work : Success Secrets uncovers some extremely powerful and highly useable secrets which I know will definitely help you to raise your life to its next level.  Get the book, read it, and implement it – your future self will thank you for it!”

– Dame DC Cordova PhD,
Excellerated Business Schools® for Entrepreneurs / Money & You®

“Winning in Life and Work delivers a distilled shot of knowledge and inspiration. Several easy reading success stories from a diverse group of contributors who have at least one thing in common – the ability to set goals and achieve them. Breaking through personal and practical barriers, they walk the walk and talk the talk, each taking you on a unique journey while sharing the secrets of what it took to get there.”

– Kristine Amato, Published Author, New Zealand.

“What a fantastic read, I highly recommend ‘Winning In Life and Work’ it is an inspirational book. So many people facing life challenges, need access to concepts and tools that work. The authors share their unique challenges, learnings and the special skills they acquired to assist them in overcoming challenges. it allows readers, with their own situation and set of challenges to gain insights and access to processes that they may find beneficial in their journey of self-discovery and growth.”

– Pam Wright,
Australia’s Leading Stress Specialist & Happiness Facilitator,

“Manages to capture and share the most important life lessons.  A generous and compassionate gift to others. Every word is meaningful and made me want to be a better person.”

– Meryl Taimania Carter,
Director, Taimania Productions, New Zealand.


  1. Changing The Game For Success in Career, Relationships, and Life
  2. 5 Hidden Secrets of Confidence
  3. 7 Essential Steps To Consistently Win In Life
  4. I Have To Get Back To Janet
  5. Step Out – Speak Out – Stand Out
  6. Find Your Balance, Reclaim Your Time
  7. Success Secrets? Success Sense!
  8. The Very Best Of Yourself
  9. The way I’ve done it, the way you won’t

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