Freedom From Phobia package


Complete 121 package to help you conquer your phobia once and for all.

Read on for more details!



So you are ready to conquer your phobia?

(If you want to find out a bit more about how Freedom from Phobia works first, pop over to its page here)

Let’s get you booked in. Provided it is a single simple phobia (so not multiple phobias in one go), it only takes a single session, and that lasts typically around an hour.

We’ll work over the internet, so we can work pretty much where ever you are in the world! (Although if it turns out that we are geographically close, we might be able to sort something out in person).

At the moment, the price for the entire package is £297.

This includes your pre-session worksheet, the session itself, and a post-session checkin afterwards.

Once you have paid for your session, I’ll manually email you your pre-session worksheet and a link for you to book your session.

Remember that your pre-session worksheet does need to be completed and returned to be at least 24 hours before your session – this is a vital part of the proess. No worksheet, no session!

Important note – please remember this single session is only for a single, non-complex phobia. We will not be able to work on multiple different things (that is a recipe for disaster). If you are unsure whether this is the case for you, let’s have a quick chat first to figure it out.