“Change your mind – change your life”

But how can we change?
Is change even possible?

Join Keith as he explores the science of change. Over the course of this fascinating hour of discovery, he takes a look at why we think the things we think – where they come from, how our view of the world is formed, and why that means we can change it to change our results. He then takes us through his 6 step process for guaranteeing powerful and lasting change.

In this episode, discover

  • Why the fact that you have a fear holding you back means that you are ready for a massive breakthrough – and the stronger your fear, the more powerful your transformation;
  • The true meaning behind every single thing which has happened in your life;
  • How to harness this knowledge to change your life positively and permanently;
  • The extremely powerful 6-step change process which guarantees perfect results, every time you use it.

About Keith Blakemore-Noble

The Confidence Alchemist

Keith Blakemore-Noble is the creator and host of The Confidence Alchemist Radio Show.

As The Confidence Alchemist, he helps performers to transform their deepest fears into their greatest strengths. For some this is conquering their social phobia around meeting strangers, for others it is beating the fear of stepping up their career into perhaps a managerial role; for yet others it is all about finding their own confidence to be them and enjoy living the life they always wanted to live but were too scared to dare.

He knows a thing of two about conquering fears and phobias and developing confidence – for far too many years he himself was painfully shy, crushingly lonely as a result, and his career hit its limits because of this. He started studying cutting edge neurosciences, conquered his “stuff”, and because The Confidence Alchemist – he has subsequently spoken to groups small and large (up to 800) in multiple countries across 3 different continents, sharing insights into how we can all become truly confident in all areas of our lives.

He has compiled and published several books and is in the process of writing his own book on confidence during 2018/9. He also occasionally performs his popular hypnosis and card magic show to thrilled audiences.


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