The one with Sandra Pilarczyk

Nobody wants to listen to me!

‘I have nothing new to say!

Why bother anyway?

What if they judge me?

Everything I want to say somebody else already does!

Who am I to put myself out there?

Sounds familiar?

You know that all these thoughts are hurting your profits and stopping you from making the impact you really want to make. It can be scary to show up every single day-just to make your business work.

The reality is that FEAR IS HOLDING YOU BACK.

Fear of being judged. Fear of ridicule. Fear of failure. Fear of success.

That’s why you need to find out how to embrace the fear of being seen!

Key takeaways from this episode –

  • How to let go of all of the reasons which hold you back from showing up on a consistent basis by creating a system which works for you (because you don’t want to be a rehearsed copy of somebody else).
  • How to step into new levels of comfort zones to grow your business on your terms (and prove all the naysayers wrong who said it can’t be done!).
  • How to use your message and incorporate it into your marketing by shouting out smarter, not louder (after all…you don’t want to compete with all that noise out there!).
  • How to gain confidence and conquer that pesky fear of being seen – for and for all.

Sandra Pilarczyk

Business Mentor

After her classical training in hotel management, Sandra Pilarczyk had a successful career in hotel sales with Intercontinental Hotels Group. She then spent the next decade running her own venue booking agency for corporate clients, organizing thousands of conferences and events.

As a keen volunteer for a global not for profit organization,she traveled the world to train young active citizens. It was there she realized the impact that one person could make by sharing their message – and decided to focus on helping introverted business owners to do just that.

Sandra founded The Fearless & Live Club – a monthly business mentoring community for introverted business owners to bust through the fear of visibility-so that they can STEP UP and STAND OUT in this crowded market place.Sandra has a strong public speaking and training background, training hundreds of young leaders across the world, as well as leading her own successful training events.

Sandra is a native German speaker, who also speaks English and Dutch fluently and now lives with her husband and two children in Belgium.

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Winning in Life and Work
Winning in Life and Work
The one with Sandra Pilarczyk

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