You don’t have to have lived to a ripe old age to have benefited from the secrets of success nor to have created something powerful in your life – you can do all of this at a young age too.

During the creation of the third book (Winning in Life and Work: Success Secrets), Keith caught up with the then 18-year old Michael Beeson who had already achieved a lot in his life (how many 18 year old pilots do you know?), to find out more.

About Michael Beeson

Pilot, Stage Hypnotist, Award Winning Magician, Scuba Diver, Surfer, Radio Presenter, Author…

Michael Beeson: Pilot, Stage Hypnotist, Award Winning Magician, Scuba Diver, Surfer, Radio Presenter… and a whole lot more. At just 19 years old Michael holds a variety of skills and knows first-hand how to turn those dreams into a reality so that you can get on with achieving what you truly want out of life!

Embracing his entrepreneurial spirit and becoming a self-starter at age 13, he started his first (of many) companies, because he was “fed up with only getting lousy pocket money”.

Thanks to hard work, commitment and dedication a highly prosperous future now lays ahead of Michael, but whatever your age he loves helping people just like you to be the best you that you can be.

Michael is currently C.E.O of Goodbye Stress Hypnotherapy where he is now spending most of his time taking people with a fear of flying literally to new heights with his course “Fly Fearless”!

He is also a contributor to Winning in Life and Work: New Beginnings


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