What is it like to completely uproot your entire life and move to a new country? One where you know virtually nobody? One where your amassed qualifications may not even be recognised? How on earth do you make the most of such a massive new beginning?

My guest in this episode, Lourdes Katague, did exactly that, when she moved from The Philippines to Australia and started life all over again.

Join in the exploration of how she made a success of such massive change, and how she now helps other migrant women to do the same

About Lourdes Katague

Lourdes has a graduate certificate in e-business from Box Hill Institute of Technology, Victoria, Australia, a graduate diploma in library and information management from Charles Stuart University, Australia, and a bachelor of education with a major in social studies from the University of the Philippines.

She is a certified master practitioner of transformational leadership, transformational coaching, next generation NLP, and Ericksonian hypnosis, and a certified professional speaker.

She has been trained by personal development and lifestyle masters including Anthony Robbins, Tom McCarthy, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and Chris Howard, as well as being, personally mentored by Chris Howard (bestselling author, entrepreneur and CEO of Rock House Global), entrepreneur Calvin Coyles, bestselling author Keith Blakemore-Noble, and financial master Leon van Kraayenburg, all of whom have helped her to build her own coaching business.

She is the founder of http://hear-ourstory.com, specialising in transforming lives of professional migrant women to express their greatness wherever they are living, and is also a contributor to Winning in Life and Work: New Beginnings


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