Start winning in life and work by finding your social voice. #WiLaW Click To TweetSocial media.

It can be an absolute blessing; it can be a total minefield; often at the same time!

How do you successfully use it?

Should you be on every platform? Or just some? And how do you decide?

In this episode I am joined by social media expert Kim Barrett from Australia, who helps us to navigate this tricky path.

About Kim Barrett

Kim Barrett is a successful entrepreneur, and is passionate about health and fitness and developing an international thriving health and wellness business. Working with businesses around the world to help them achieve their goals, from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies, Kim has led the way in state of the art strategies and marketing concepts, taking businesses to the next level.

Using the newest strategies combining social media and marketing concepts to drive growth, Kim has enabled business owners from around the world to develop.

He wrote the chapter The Business of Social Media in the best-selling Winning in Life and Work: New Beginnings.

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