The one with Jim J Doyle
Winning in Life and Work
Winning in Life and Work
The one with Jim J Doyle
Have you ever wondered just how to re-ignite the passion in your life and career? Or wondered just why it is that we seem to so easily get stuck and to disappoint ourselves? And once we are in that situation, just how DO we light our fire and move forward?

Join me in this episode as I am joined by Jim J Doyle how specialises in helping people to do exactly that!

Key takeaways from this episode –

  • How to recognise being really stuck in your life or career
  • Why conventional methods are not always enough to succeed
  • How to find the link between your struggle and simple events in your past
  • How ancestral effects can stop you achieving your dreams – or even a good life.

Jim J Doyle

He was born in a farming background in rural Ireland, turned electronics engineer & technology research manager. “Shy” & lacking in confidence. He was introduced to dowsing at 5 years old and has always been very sensitive and empathic. His midlife crisis led him to train as an Energy Healer and Ancestral Healing.

Then he used Energy Healing to address his confidence & public speaking issues; he has given a workshop to Toastmasters from across Europe on “Stage Presence and Personal Confidence”.

He has worked with world class speakers and CEO’s transforming their performance and personal presence.

He uses an engineering mindset to quickly identify and clear blocks to life and career performance issues at all levels. All levels means early years, past lives, ANCESTRAL and much much more! That includes Earth Energies, and things which go bump in the night. ( or day! )

His main focus is on entrepreneurs and senior executives who have hit a performance ceiling in their expression, personal power or being confident and authentic on video.
He also works with businesses, business mindsets and relationships. Let’s face it, every business is just a thought made of energy which can be measured and modified! If it is formed in a distorted way, that distortion will shown up in the business performance.

A few video testimonials.

Special Listener Offer

A free video and workbook providing insight and guidance to identify the sources of your challenges. Includes s guided meditation to help you start moving forward toward a deeper explanation of how to understand and change your daily habits which may be stopping you moving forward.

Access the free video and workbook via

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