The one with David & Lara Beach

What if you could trade in what you are doing, for your dream lifestyle, creating a business which not only supports that lifestyle but actively forms a core part of it?
How on earth would you even begin such a thing?
How would you overcome the inevitable struggles it creates?

My guests this week have done exactly that, and recently I was lucky enough to get them to agree to take some time out of their schedule to have a chat (at their very own distillery, no less!)

Join me as David and Lara Beach share with us the struggles they faced and how they overcame them, talk about the importance of having good support, and why networking is crucial.

Key takeaways

  • That its important to believe in yourself and your cause
  • Gut feeling is there for a reason
  • Not being scared to be different
  • Living for life

David & Lara Beach

Co-founders of Beach Craft Spirits

David was born in Worcester and then moved to North East Scotland when he was 29. He is a university trained brewer and distiller with 16 years experience in the drinks industry. He has developed many beers for the craft beer industry. Never being afraid of pushing the boundaries of what is possible to create unique flavours.

Lara was born in Lincoln and moved to North East Scotland when she was about 6 years old. She is a university educated professional in the health care sector where her forte is paperwork and customer interface. They have complimentary skills and drive each other towards success.

David has had a passion for distilling coursing through his veins for generations (his great grandfather was a brewer in the Midlands) for the drinks industry and with the experience in flavour development, can produce quality unique products for customers to savour and enjoy.

David said ‘It was the drinks industry that brought me up to Morayshire, working for one of the large distilling companies. I realised that my passion was in the craft industry and that I wanted to use my knowledge in this area for the business.

‘My Goal was to create a range of drinks to encompass the Beach Lifestyle that everyone loves. From the first sip reminding you of dipping your toes in that rock pool through to savouring that last drop reminiscing about the sunsets. A relaxing drink for your to share with your Friends and Family- it’s a shore thing.

‘The beach is where I feel most at home. It is a place where worries drift away like the retreating tide. It relaxes me and I take enjoyment from using its gorgeous natural beauty whether it be kitesurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, beachcombing, family days at the beach, snorkling, swimming, BBQs’ the list is endless.

‘I have fond memories of the Moray Coast from Nairn all the way through to Cullen for many reasons.

They met in 2007, got engaged 2011, and married 2016 – on the beach! Yes, Lara got married ON a beach and BECAME a Beach!

In May 2016 they launched themselves into the business world, something which they describe as having been “a roller coaster of a ride and that’s before we get properly stuck in!”

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Winning in Life and Work
Winning in Life and Work
The one with David & Lara Beach

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