In the first ever episode, Keith Blakemore-Noble talks with Chris Howard about making a massive impact while living life to the full.

Among the topics we discuss are –

  • What making a big impact means;
  • Philanthropy;
  • The importance of Hands-On mentors / coaches / trainers;
  • The importance of failure for success;
  • How to change your mindset;
  • Recovering and rebuilding after your world is turned upside down overnight;
  • Why you should master TWO fields, not just one;
  • and a whole lot more!

About Chris Howard

Media Personality, Best-Selling Author, Lifestyle & Business Turnaround Expert

Chris Howard has achieved extraordinary business success as a Social Entrepreneur, Transformational Speaker, Author, Coach and Life-Style and Wealth Strategist in a career spanning over two decades.

Chris’ mission is to elevate consciousness and personal success by putting the tools of transformation into the hands of everybody on the planet, and to create worldwide wealth through education and entrepreneurial means. On the entrepreneurial side as a business coach and personal development coach, he has helped thousands through his seminars, products, and private coaching which have generated well over 100 million dollars in sales globally. Helping entrepreneurs and CEO’s to embrace an optimal psychology he has personally done million dollar sales days, over and over and over again (an accomplishment which is only held by a handful of the very top 1% of speakers in the industry.) One of the most popular speakers in the world, Christopher has spoken in 28 different countries and 57 different cities, often with individual exclusive audiences of thousands.

Chris has touched over a million people’s lives through his teachings and programs and is known for both his heart-felt approach to transformation as well as his ability to help people to rapidly transform the monetization of their businesses and the quality of their lives for the better. Chris built the largest personal and professional development presence in Australia, the second largest in the UK and he built the largest NLP & Hypnosis training company in the world; helping CEO’s and entrepreneurs to unleash their full potential – he is now bringing his newest proprietary technologies of Neuro Design Engineering coaching techniques to the spotlight; helping overwhelmed professionals, and individuals from all walks of life to tap into new levels of abundance and live their life purpose in powerful ways.

Chris is the author of two number one bestselling books, which capture the essence of his original philosophies: Turning Passions into Profits, which he released in 2001, and Instant Wealth – Wake up Rich! Discover the Secret of the New Entrepreneurial Mind, released in 2008, both of which were published by Wiley and Sons; as well as a contributor to Winning in Life and Work : New Beginnings, released in 2015 by Be Your Change Ltd.


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