Back in November 2015, Keith was lucky enough to catch up with his friend Calvin Coyles for a chat about business development, growth, planning, starting up, and a whole lot more!

They also touched on the then-new international best-seller to which they both contributed, namely Winning in Life and Work : New Beginnings.

Among the topics we discuss are –

  • Living life on your own terms;
  • Running a business event when you have zero money;
  • Why people will hide from their “purpose” rather than fining it;
  • The reality of becoming an overnight success;
  • You have more “spare time” than you think you do;
  • The simple formula to successfully making money;
  • 3 key steps to changing your life around;
  • and a whole lot more!

About Calvin Coyles

Award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, and best selling author

Calvin Coyles, 27, is an award winning entrepreneur, international speaker and best selling author. Having worked with over 100,000 people in over 70 countries, Calvin has become the pre-eminent speaker in Australia on Mindset, Small Business Growth and Peak Performance.

After growing YWS from $80,000 in debt to over $1million in his first year, Calvin now owns and advises over a dozen companies in the marketing, fitness, finance and real estate industries.

His qualifications include a degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Corporate Finance, Investment Finance and Business Law at The University of Western Australia and a Masters in Transformational Leadership, Coaching and Next Generation NLP.

He Lives in Perth, Western Australia, and is a contributor to Winning in Life and Work: New Beginnings


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