Television Confidence
Actress and reality TV star Franny Treymaine shares her experiences of being on the hit reality TV show Love In The Countryside on BBC2 in the UK. She talks about the lessons she learned while appearing on the show, and how life has grown for her as a result.

She also talks about how working with The Confidence Alchemist prior to even appearing on the show made such a huge difference to her, making it even possible to be herself on the show, and making her one of the most popular stars of the show, one who exuded confidence and won the love and respect of the entire film crew.

In this Episode:

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  • What it’s like filming a TV show with complete strangers
  • How important Confidence is in enabling you to be yourself
  • How The Confidence Alchemist helped Franny to cope with the best and the worst of being in such a competitive environment
  • Key lessons from filming the show which we can all use.
  • and a whole lot more.

About my guest Franny Treymaine

Actress, Reality TV Star

Acting is my passion because I love to bring me into the play of imaginary scenarios, feeling and responding in a now moment of connection and co creation. I bask in the freedom of this amazing, limitless play! I worthily receive limitless financial remuneration for my highly skilled ability to embody the energy essence of characters; becoming and bringing this now me into the present reality scenario.

As a Non Conformist Consciousness Realist I facilitate in breaking down the conditioning in individuals to gain the down right rebellion to live as their unique selves.

My specialist work continues in bringing awareness to ADHD and why those diagnosed, like myself, may in fact have a evolutionary adapted brain. The journey of ADHD is often one of polarity and with my guidance the full potential of the individual can be achieved.


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