When we each use our voice to its fullest potential we have the ability to create and communicate with everyone in the most compelling way.

Unfortunately, the training of public speaking and communication is very much stuck in the twentieth century.

Audiences are now used to high quality vocal communication from radio, tv and films. It is time that we started using 21st century techniques and stop trying to convince everyone that the world is still flat! We need to teach the skills that actors, singers, presenters etc are now taught and deliver our messages in the way our audiences deserve (whether that be an audience of one or 1000).

Which is precisely what makes my guest this episode different as a vocal coach because these are the skills Caroline have been using and teaching for the last few decades.

Join us as we explore –

  • An understanding that speaking is really powerful with the right training (as above) and how it can benefit your personal and private life.
  • Energy – how the harnessing of your inner energy is vital while speaking – projection, grabbing the audience, being compelling coupled and combined with the use of the power of 3 will have audiences hanging off your every word.
  • Energy Pt 2 – how traditional teaching of changing energy and state through the use of archetypes is deeply flawed and even sets up a feeling of incongruence with your audience!
  • Think – Feel – Physical Action (speaking) – this will tie in with the previous point.
  • Use of Vocal Mechanics – how experimenting, developing wider ranges of competencies and learning how to apply them adds the finishing touches.

It all adds up to magical communication, the bedrock of confidence for all!

About my guest Caroline King

The Speaker’s Supercharger

Caroline initially trained as a Classical Singer and enjoyed a solo career during her 20/30s while teaching singing and acting. In 1998 she took on a Stagecoach Theatre Arts School Franchise and enjoyed working with children from 4 to 18 years of age for 13 years.

Concurrently with these, Caroline trained as a teacher at London University, Goldsmiths’ College and then a few years ago she developed the niche which saw her helping students get into our top drama schools.

In the last few years Caroline has been working in andrunning business events, mostly in London. This has led to her new venture where she is now helping Speakers to stand out and deliver a message that everyone will feel compelled to listen to.

“Acting and acting training has made a huge leap forward in the last couple of decades and audiences are now used to a high quality of communication through their televisions and radios. Unfortunately, public speaking has not made the same leap and it is time that public speaking training moved into the 21st Century and I am at the forefront of this movement.”



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