We know that networking can be a great way to meet more people and grow your influence, but it can also be quite a scary thing.

So imagine what it’s like trying to do that having moved to a different country where the only people you know there are your immediate family! How on earth do you go about building up a network of friends or business contacts?

I am delighted to be joined in this episode by a man who has done just that, extremely successfully. Michael will be talking about how to build confidence and visibility through business networking, as well as sharing some very interesting anecdotes along the way.

Join us as we explore –

  • How to improve your speaking skills through presentations
  • How to build confidence using the law of attraction
  • How to be immediately confident in a room full of strangers

About my guest Michael Nagles

4N Network Leader

Michael Nagles is the Network Leader for 4Networking, the Uk’s only joined-up business network.

That’s a very posh sounding title that most people think means he eats breakfast for a living…

It actually means that he gets to work with nearly 1000 team members in Scotland, England, and Wales to create great networking opportunities for their members.

In that role, Michael leads over 800 team members who put on nearly 5,000 business networking events each year. He is a popular speaker, appearing at nearly 200 events so far in 2017.

Michael’s favourite quote is “Success is a journey, not a destination.

You can find out more about Michael, and the network he so successfully helps to run, at http://4Networking.Biz


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