My guest this week is Nick Bradley, founder of Mandala Leaders, who specialises in helping leaders to build the confidence they need, and he does this through his highly successful “Zero To Authentic Hero” process. I’m delighted that he has agreed to share some of this with us, both the background and some key practical steps which you can take.

Join us as we explore –
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  • What are your self limiting beliefs
  • How do you become more aware of these
  • How do you clear these and create new positive self beliefs.
  • How do you plan to achieve
  • How do you communicate with clarity

About my guest Nick Bradley

The Authentic Leader Coach

Nick is a very successful businessman having worked in investment banking and management consultancy for 30 years. He has travelled the world both leading and supporting individuals and teams through times of crisis.

In 2014 Nicks own personal crisis took place and he lost everything. His wife, children, home, job and car all left in the space of a few weeks. Nick took this as a sign to start working on his own self limiting beliefs and found that the journey to learn more about himself led to a happier, more successful life and better relationships with those around him.

Nick is now qualified in Leadership from The Cranfield University School of Management, a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) and a member of the Association of Business and Leadership Coaches (ABLC).

He is a deep personal work facilitator who has a passion for inspiring individuals and businesses to achieve their purpose.

Mandala Leaders website :


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