What do Dating, Parental control, Job Interviews and Politicians standing for election all have in common?

They all involve selling!

Whether we like it or not, we are all involved in selling, on a regular (if not daily) basis.

I am joined by The Growth Catalyst DJ Sobanjo who has a very cool way of dealing with the question of how to sell to people; he doesn’t sell to them! Instead, he just has conversations with them (non-sales buying convertsations, as he calls them) which end up with people asking if they can buy from him.

He has a 95% conversion rate when it comes to this (typically coaches etc are considered good if they have a 20% conversion rate), and he doesn’t get objections. Sound like something you’d like to be able to do? Yeah, me too! Which is why I am delighted to have DJ as my guest once again.

In this episode DJ will be sharing with us –

  • How to overcome fear, and to convert buyers with ease;
  • Why trying to sell to people doesn’t usually work;
  • How to help people to buy from you;
  • How he used this approach in a job interview to completely turn it around and have them asking him to join.

About DJ Sobanjo

The Growth Catalyst

DJ Sobanjo is a leading personal and leadership development expert, author, speaker, coach and consultant. He has been engaging, inspiring and developing people across the world for over 15 years.

He is driven by a divinely inspired mission to teach, train, inspire and motivate everyone who comes in touch with him to live more productive and effective lives.

His core message is ‘Maximised Living’ which is about being the best person, business or organisation you could possibly be and he delivers result-oriented programs in the areas of tactical people skills, leadership skills, sales and marketing skills and strategic personal and business growth.

On the family front, he is happily married to his sweetheart, Buki and together they have two lovely kids, 8 year old Toluwani Mykaela and 3 yeard old Joseph Tobiloba.

DJ’s book, “Discovery Call Magic”, can be obtained from DiscoveryCallMagic.com



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