In the second episode of The Confidence Alchemist Radio Show, Keith is joined by Kirk Pickstone, the International Dyslexic Superhero. During a fascinating and in-depth discussion about Kirk’s mission to Change Perceptions Of Dyslexia.

Kirk talks about his journey, explains why dyslexics are predisposed to being entrepreneurs, and discusses why they make great business owners.

We discovered how significant the number of people with dyslexia is, explored what dyslexia is and isn’t (and it turned out not to be what people think it is). Kirk shared with us a very illuminating explanation or what it is and the differences between dyslexic brains and non-dyslexic brains.

Among the surprising discoveries along the way in this episode were some famous dyslexics, when the first case was documented, what it is about dyslexia which really does make dyslexics more creative and far more successful as entrepreneurs.

In this episode, discover

  • A better understanding of dyslexia
  • The advantages of the conditions
  • Some tips for dyslexics
  • Misconceptions
  • And a whole lot more

About Kirk Pickstone

The International Dyslexic Superhero

After a successful corporate career in global business, kirk discovered he was dyslexic the experience and attitude towards dyslexia resulted in. Quitting his job, starting a business and completing a Masters Degree at 44 in Global Entrepreneurship. Researching “Are Dyslexics Predisposed Entrepreneurs”.

Kirk now runs two successful companies, Duggystone limited and smoart limited, as well as being a Radio presenter, Podcaster & public Speaker all geared to highlight and encourage dyslexics to realise their potential and change perceptions in the UK towards the condition.

Among other things, Kirk is a Public Speaker, Radio Host, Podcaster, Mentor, and Columnist for Dyslexia Magazine.



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